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Survey-How Much Protein?

I was just wondering how much protein does my fellow T-Nation brethren ingest each day?

I will start us off.

I shoot for around 380 grams per day. Some times I do over shoot this by a few grams with a smile.

I’m currently taking in about 300 grams. This amount is just shy of 1.5 gm/lb bodyweight (220). I’ve never measured my body fat accurately enough to get my PRO intake based on lean body mass. But I suppose that’s the optimal method of calculating PRO intake.

I used to take in 2gm/lb for a couple of years. For me, going that high gave me the shits and horrible gas as well as intestinal bloating. It also made loosing fat a bit harder. I may still approach that amount for a short while during serious training phases.

Anyways, 1.5 works for me.

1 gram per pound is enough for me, the rest is simply up to calories.

My daily protein intake is roughly 350g @ 208lbs bodyweight and currently about 4000kcals a day.

Around 350 grams at 188lbs and 3600 calories…