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Survey Help Please?


Hey people, i'm just doing a bit of research onto steroid use, and would be happy if you could fill in a short fully anonmous survey which will take 2-5 minutes of your time.

Here's the link:


Thanks :slight_smile:


How about introducing yourself and providing some info on the purpose for the survey?


Don't bother. It's a pretty dumb and altogether useless survey to begin with. I can only imagine what "conclusions" will be gleaned from such a scant amount of mostly silly or irrelevant questions.


Done. Not a very good survey, some clear spelling mistakes. And why are you comparing steroid use to our childhood and family stability? I hope this does not play into a stereotype.


No joke Cortes and gametime. Looks like he's trying to draw a conclusion saying "guys with bad childhoods and poor family life end up using steroids and turn into meatheads blah blah blah"

Fuck this dude.


Bodybuilder100? That's the name a definite non-bodybuilder would choose.


Definitely. Any real bodybuilder would have known to use at least three zeros.


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Yup--pretty stupid shit.

I doubt that we will ever see Bobybuilder100 again, but I thought that there was a study not too long back that found that the majority of steriod users were college educated white men from normal backgrounds. It is getting to the point where people are trying to force the reality of steriod users (normal people) into the boogyman image they percieve because the government tells them we are bad people. Frankly researchers are waisting their time looking too hard...


Did that guy from w/e university ever post the results to that big survey they did?


Do you mean the girl from manchester Uni>? She did.. i believe i may have lost the results though - it actually IIRC had a nasty spin on it - as so many of these things do.

It went into the very old (1950's era) BB cliché of body dismorphic(sp?) disorders and insecurity.


Why don't they ever do a survey of the psychological profile of the people who end up in government projecting their deficiency onto us?


No ,the asian pharmacist dude from a few months back.