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Survery - Statistics, Measurements and Maxs

Obviously some will be sensitive about this, but for those that arent, post your height, weight, bodyfat %, arm chest and leg measurements (if you know them), and for the particularly generous, a few 5-10rep max weights you use in your training. In the long run, a thread with this type of information may be a useful reference tool for statistical purposes (eg averages and ranges of arm sizes, lifts, lbms etc) and may help with realistic goal setting for other forum members.

M, 5’10, 172, 7% body fat. 12 months natural lifting. 15.5 inch bicep. Free weight 10 REP TRAINING WEIGHTS - Squat 220, DL 240, Flat Bench 200bb, Incline Bench 60db, Flye 50db, Seated Military 110bb, Lateral raise 30db, Chin bodyweight + 30, Bent Row 120bb, Curl 85bb, skull crusher 75bb.

182cm tall (6 ft)
83 kg = 182 lbs
40 cm arms (15.75 inches)
103 cm chest 40.5 inches (dodgy measurement could be + or - 5 cm just by tightening or loosening the tape)
can get 7 or 8 reps with 110kgs (245) on bench press
chin my body weight + 40 kgs (90 lbs) for 7 reps can get my body weight + 60 (135) for 3
Body fat 6% by dodgy method 14% by another equally dogy method I reckon im 8-12%(im not fat and you can make out a 6 pac)

The pseudonym was me - pls post stats here using another name if you wish.

Thanks Kruger. As for the lifts :o. With all those metric measurements, where are you based? Could you possibly post your training age - if we get enough stats we can outline generalised sizes and lifts for training ages to shoot for. Maybe even a how strong are you training wise a la Muscle Mag.

Whilst im still digesting your stats - I think your arm measurement converts to 16 inches I once saw 20 + unweighted chins or 1 chin plus 60-70 pounds classed at superlative/pro type performance.

I put every thing in imperical weights in brackets behind the metric weight. 110 (245) for bench means 110 kilos or 245 lbs. the measurements for pounds are right the amount in kilos could be slightly off. the plates we use are 45 lbs or 20.4 kgs, 35lbs or 15.9 kgs, 25 lbs or 11.3 kgs, 10lbs or 4.5 kgs, etc as you can guess i get pissed off having to add decimals and generally(not always) round down 15.9 goes to 15 etc.
so i have no idea why your trying to work out my weights and measurements I told you my arms were 15.75 inches.
im 19 and my training age is 2 years mucking around, 1.5 training Flex and M+F style and 4 months training the T way(nearly 4 years all up). I have done 21 unweighted chins and a 3RM with 60 kgs (135lbs) but am by no means supurlative, just good at chins. If that is true I reckon that everyone could be supurlative if they spent a little time chining.

21 yr old, training for 3 1/2 years. 6’ 210, 11% bf, 16 3/4 arms, 33 in waist, 47’ chest.
Weights used for 5-10; DL 345, Squat 315, Bench 275 (130 lb dbells), BB curls 135.

I’m 26 years old, 5’11", 208, about 9% bodyfat, 34" waist, 50" chest, 18" arms, 27" thighs, 18.5" neck. I don’t know my max on any of the lifts, but I can bench 340 for 5, squat 405 for 10 and reverse-grip bent over row 305 for 10.

I am 23 been training for 8 years (6 the correct way) 6’ 200lbs ~13%bf on a tanita (6-pack, most muscles pretty stirated). 10 rep on heavy days are (last set) bench (315)…squat (med stance, ass to grass, high bar)(455)…dead lift (435)…pull-ups (body weight+45)…I don’t know the any others because the muscles would be pre-exhausted from the first exercises.

Thanks guys - I must be the only mere mortal here ;).

MORE POSTS REQUIRED - pseudonyms are welcome and you can post your buddies stats if you want, I just want to get some numbers to get some analysis going (eg similar sized guys with different sized arms gives me the impression that it may not be necessary to gain 10-15 pounds to put an inch on the arms unless you are already heavily muscled).

Another stat for the collection - Poliquin says a 5’8 176 pounder should have 16’ biceps.

Off topic - is there any special technique in getting a 130pound db into position to bench.

lots of big strong guys around…my stats: 5’10" tall, 177 pounds with 9.5% bf (measured by skinfolds two days ago)…lowest measurement of 5.5% last summer. bicep: 15.5" (cold, best measurement), waist 33" (thick obliques), chest about 43", thigh 23", forearm 13". 5 rep maxes: Back Squat 275-280, best 1rm =365. front squat 190-195, 1rm =225. Bbell bench press 225, best 1rm =260. Dbell incline press 90’s for 5. Deadlift 295 for five, best 1rm =355. Dbell seated press 65’s for 6. Bbell row (underhand grip) 205 for 4. not too impressive, but not bad for my frame size…by the way, i’m 22 and have been training for around 4 years. i play rugby for 8 months of the year and so am forced to train only 2, max 3 times per week during that time. Hope this helps.

about the 130-lb dumbbell…i’ve never tried to bench one that heavy, but something that’s useful for me is to have your training partner to hand you the second dbell to you when you are in position (ie. get the first one ready and then have your buddy hand the second one to you asap). this worked for me when i broke my ankle and could only deal with one heavy dbell at a time…ps are you going to be doing benches with 130’s?

Here ya go Dre, I’m 20 years old, 165 pounds, 5’6", 10 % BF, squat 275 10 reps, bench 225 for 5-6 reps, deadlift 410 for 3 reps. Last time I checked I could do 16 pull-ups. Hope that helps you out.

I’m 6’1’’ 176.5 lbs. 6% bodyfat. Right arm flexed measures cold: 14 1/2 inches. Chest is 47 inches. Neck press 225 for 6 reps. Squat 300 for 25 reps. Weighted dips: 75 lbs. for 20 reps. That’s about it. All natural!!

The 130pound dumbells was Screel - my gym only goes up to 60 pounders (!). Where are all the stats - keep em coming.

25 yrs 5’9 218. 11% Arms 18.25 cold they are the only body part i have measured recently. Max bench in RAW bench competition 390, breaking the 400 mark in July. Squat 405x5 225x38. Deadlift 315x15. Never max on squat or deads, its not my goal.

Dre thanks Dean and Double D as he searches for “5x5” and “periodization” with the search engine. Damn - anyone not from westside going to post??? :wink: Pls dont forget to post years training. FIRST STUDY CONCLUSION - the average T man is … strong as an ox (They’ll get better).

I’m 5’10, 200 lbs. Bodyfat is approx 8-9%. (calipers). Chest is 46", biceps as 16.25", forarms are 14.5". I’m 22 (today!) and have been lifting for about 7 years.
Some random lifts are:
Squat: 265x21, 420x1
Front Squat: 325x1
Deadlift: 520x1
Dips: bodyweight+200x1
Chins: bodyweight+135x5
Ironmind Gipper #2 for 6 reps

here’s my weak-ass stats:
22 years old, 5’10" 170lbs, all natural, Bench - 5r-195(100lb db)/,
Incline - 5r-185(90lb db)/,Chins(pronated) - bodyweightx10reps/, Bent Over Row - 5r-160, Seated Military - 5r-135, Squat - 5r-265