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Surreal Gym Experience

[quote]BlaZe wrote:
The Human race baffles me sometimes… [/quote]


[quote]GhostNtheSystem wrote:
I find it hard to believe anyone that stupid actually exists. I think you made up your story for entertainment purposes… which is cool I guess.[/quote]

You should get out more, the depth of human stupidity is beyond belief.

I find it hard to believe that you actually believe that there are not people this stupid and ingnorant in the world.

Bwahahahahaaa. Classic!

But mate, maybe you should get a home gym happening? I say this because if guys like that tick you off, it will happen allll the time. They flock to commercial gyms for some reason.

Which is partly what motivated me to open a gym. Now I work out with no distractions on my own gear.

He was high, man…Coke or Meth likely…

[quote]loppar wrote:
BFBullpup wrote:
What’s your problem, Loppar? The important thing is that that man is happy, right?

I don’t like the guy. Especially when him and his “entourage” take up the squat rack or the olympic lift platform doing nothing.

For me, a gym is not a social club. When I’m squatting, I don’t want a bunch of idle morons congregating around with observations like this:

“That sure is a lot of weight. I think this weighs even more that a washing machine. Washing machines are heavy, you know.”

“Squatting so low is dangerous. Believe me. You’ll mess up your legs or something”

“My friend who was a wrestler can legpress 500 kilos. I’m sure you’re afraid to use the legpress because your legpress numbers are pathetic”

“When I was in highschool I could bench 150 kilos easily. I also had a sixpack. Darn thing that metabolism”

Those guys are incredibly sad. Most of them have failed marriages behind them, teenage kids they don’t communicate much with and they spend most of their earnings on “clubbing” and “whores”, trying to give the impression of being “tough” or “connected”.

I dunno, I guess I’m subconciously afraid that in 15 years’ time I’ll also be lingering around the eliptical machines trying strike up conversations with hot women with phrases such as “So, wanna do some HORIZONTAL cardio?”.[/quote]

Where do you live?

I’ve never heard “guidos” use the metric system.

[quote]Dirty Tiger wrote:
I’ve never heard “guidos” use the metric system.[/quote]

I live in Eastern Europe, but I have lived in New Jersey for a while. I used the (very appropriate) term “guido” so you Americans can get a point of reference.

On a completely unrelated note: Yesterday I got verbally assaulted in the street for telling jokes about New Jersey out loud. Fucking globalization.

[quote]loppar wrote:

On a completely unrelated note: Yesterday I got verbally assaulted in the street for telling jokes about New Jersey out loud. Fucking globalization.[/quote]

LOL, please explain that one. Include joke please.

I met a “pro” bodybuilders in Brazil that could do a strict dumbbell curl with 120 pounds with either arm…but did nothing for his legs. Which is why he looked like an escapee from Dachau below and Zeus up top.

Another guy did nothing but pullovers and skullcrushers obsessively. I’d be in the gym for an hour and he’d STILL be doing them.