Surprizing Androsol Results

I seem to have discovered that if I use Androsol at 80 sprays only in the morning, with a wash-off at night, that I get better results from using it both in the AM and PM. There’s no way I can explain why using half as much is working better for me, but maybe its something to consider for those that don’t get results from Androsol, as I never used to before I tried the once-a-day application.

What do you consider better results? I’d be interested to try this myself as I usually just get bloated to the gills with some strength gains.

I agree. I did several cycles of 70AM/70PM, and I much prefer the AM only protocol for several reasons. I feel like I can safely stay on longer, been doing 3-4 weeks on, 1 week off with no noticable negative effects during the off weeks. I don’t feel as ‘bloated’, and I hated the way my skin would feel when using it twice a day. Oddly enough, I almost looked forward to the off weeks. I may ‘slip’ once a week or so, and not wash it off at night, but the morning only-wash off at night seems to be working quite well. I’ve been basically on a ‘cutting’ phase, but my strenth is up, my LBM is increasing at a regular pace, my motivation stays high. I’d be interested in hearing others’ experiances.

I get great results both ways, but morning only spraying is very handy. I usually do two bottles straight, morning-only, 70 sprays. Then I “bridge” with Tribex-500 for a few weeks after. I’m gaining like a freaking newbie, baby!!