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Surprisingly Very High T


Hi, interesting situation... I've thought for a number of years that I have low T. Low libido mainly. I first suspected T when I once (foolishly) did a shot of Sust that my friend was running. I woke up with tremendous wood. And I thought, 'ah T = libido'. So from then on I have thought I had low T. I never did the Sust again and that was 5 years ago (so I'm guessing that won't be having much effect now!).

Anyway I finally bit the bullet and asked my doc to check my T (and prolactin - I thought maybe this was high - long refractory period etc). It came back 'borderline' and I needed to speak with him. I thought, 'that figures, borderline low'. I rang him up. My Total T is 34.9 nmol/L (1005 ng/dL) - which frankly astounds me. He's having me retested and also doing an ultrasound of my adrenal glands.

I don't know what my other numbers are (eg SHBG, Bioavailable T etc).

My fear is I have some fucked up tumor or something!

What do you guys that know about this stuff reckon is going on with me? I'm relatively fit, 38, 5'11, 180ish, bit of gathering podge at the midsection but nothing too major.

Thanks for any responses!


No reason from this to suspect a tumor or indeed a problem. The only thing to wonder is why you are not feeling "high T" with this.

One reason could be that stress can have one feeling or performing subpar even when testosterone levels are good.

Another could be that without having measured free T, we don't know what it is. It's possible to have fairly high total T while having free T that's nothing worth mentioning, as total T is a product of how much free T there is an how much SHBG there is. (SHBG itself does not reduce free T, but causes any given free T reading to a give a higher total reading that it would with lower SHBG.)


And high E2 may be at play. Please study the advice for new guys sticky.

Get all of your labs and post them here with ranges.

Ultrasound of adrenal glands? That is very very remote from T levels.


Thanks for the responses folks. And thanks for the reassurance regarding the adrenals KSman ð???

Yeah I am thinking why do I not feel high T? Eg morning wood, horny as hell, deep sleeping (?)

I asked the doc if free T was measured he said that this was the measure that was used. I wasn't sure what it was until I converted from nmol/L and i realised the number could no way be free T.

If the doc won't do a proper panel then I'll pay privately (uk). I figure E2 may be at play. So I will just have to see. Thanks for your time guys it's much appreciated. If I have any news I'll repost here in case any lurkers are interested!


Hi. Mr Roberts is right
My two cents - I did exactly what you did in the past, only I have low T and felt 'ok' - I've looked for answers and found it to be very complex. I settled on the fax that Key thing is the free T and the SHBG being normal

Another possibility that I experienced from Letrozole is that I felt wiped out when my estrogen was so low. Worth measuring that as well
Timing of the test is important. Always do it at the same time (eg first thing in the morning) and not after workouts etc

Keep us posted. Keen to know how you go
Good luck


I agree with the adrenal gland test.

ALSO your libido might be in the crapper for other reasons. Are you taking any OTC drugs? Any prescription drugs? Are you a smoker? Are you possibly depressed or anxious? Are you sure you didn't convince yourself you had low libido BEFORE the test and now you think you have something else? Any history of OCD or ADHD?

Answer those and we may get a clearer picture. As well as getting your E2 and other girly hormones checked.


Thanks for the further replies monkeyboy and bpbob.

About 15 years ago I was put on fluoxetine/Prozac which I felt killed my erection quality almost immediately. Ever after I felt different. I was on that for about a year. I've always blamed my ED/libido issues on Prozac. I've tried all the arginine, maca, vitamin d, nettle root, trib, tongkat, Macuna pruriens blah blah blah with limited to no success. Obviously there will be some psych issues after trying all that and still having problems. But the fact remains that after the Prozac things were different. The reason for the Prozac was a very severe life event which I have totally dealt with now.

So it's not like I have an ongoing ps ych issue. Recently I have felt as though my T should be rock bottom. I take cialis low dose occasionally and it has worked great but is getting less effective which is another reason I suspected low T.

I do smoke socially and drink pretty heavily on a weekend but generally my diet is good and my lifestyle is clean. I even stopped smoking and reduced drinking for a month and saw no real improvement in anything.

I don't have it as bad as a lot of guys here but I VERY rarely have morning wood and if I do it will be moderate at best and within 48hrs of a 5/10mg cialis dose. I don't know how often my morning wood would be if I didn't take cialis. Probably once a month from memory.

Anyway I'm rambling on now. I'll get tests on E2, SHBG and whatever else I can. I am just amazed at my high T reading. I've also been convinced for 18months my balls are getting smaller. Maybe T turning to E2 and shrinking nuts? Who knows!

Really I'm pleased to have a high T reading :slight_smile: as long as it's not tumour related. And it's great to have you guys interested in my situation.

Like I say I will keep y'all informed of my bloods (that I can get) and thanks again for all the responses!


How were your LH levels?

If they were high, some sort of androgen resistance would be suspect. With T levels that high, testicular cancer might be plausible. Chances are though that you would have noticed it if it did exist.


Was having similar problems. No morning wood weak erections. Did some research didnt want to do the cialis or viagra thing. Started taking amino acids L-citrulline L-arginine ornithine and threw in BCAA. About a month in now and morning wood is back and have stronger erections. Dont know if this will help but seems to be working for me.