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Surprisingly Nailing PRs When You're Slightly Ill?


I have hit unexpected PRs before when I had a blocked nose,slight sore throat or something mild along those lines.

Anyone ever experienced that before?

Why is that so?


Idk why but I have pleanty of great sessions too when I'm feeling like crap.


I think a lot of people have good sessions when sick because it forces them to concentrate and go balls-out.


have you rested a little before hand?


I've felt shitty and had great training sessions. I've felt great and had shitty training sessions.


"You'll find that you're actually stronger when training while sick! How's this possible? Starr stated the following to one of his athletes, "I explained that when he got sick, his immune system released antibodies in profusion to combat the invading toxins and microorganisms. Those antibodies are strength enhancers. This is especially true in the early stages of any illness."

From http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/sick_go_train&cr=


You're just overcompensating from having a crappy day.


there are a bunch of theories. After Chad's article I've come to a new one since I've also hit some while hung over. Excuse the lack of technical knowledge, but I think it's the golgi tendon? and relfexes that inhibit us from using our maximum strength. When hung over, sick, or drugged up on medicine that system isn't operating in full capacity. While the ailments might make your muscles weaker it also makes your brake system weaker, where they cross is your PR for the day.


Personally I hate the foggy, "dragging" feeling that comes with being sick, so I think I work harder just to try and get rid of it; my sessions are intentionally longer for that reason. It's like a little island of feeling alive in the middle of the rest of the day of feeling crappy.


I've always read that during the early onset of a disease, or during a mild illness, your body is functioning at a high level to fight the infection and performance will be better than expected. It's short lived, as eventually you will fatigue from the various processes going on. The East Germans even went so far to give flu viruses to athletes near the date of competitions to hope to achieve this effect.


Haha. Something similar should've been in Chad's recent article: "Before attempting a PR, lick the floor of your gyms locker room." :wink:


haha....goodluck with that floor licking. Thats gross. Oh my first post.....hooray.


When sick or with minor injuries; it forces them to concentrate and go balls-out.