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Surprising Low T Test Results. Next Step?


Definitely post up your results. Did you get any other tests done? SHBG? Estradiol?

When I first felt low testosterone, I could still make it to the gym, but I wasn’t seeing results. I had no intensity. I didn’t feel like myself at all. Going from being in the military and loving the gym to doing the bare minimum because I didn’t want to get too out of shape. No motivation. I feel much better now in those regards.


I don’t want to train right now and can’t train heavy. I am going to alternate between neural charge and sled dragging to start with. The thing is that I have caught up on so much sleep that it is making up for some of the drag.

I was at the point where I would get down my morning coffee and have to get my training in before I crashed, but I couldn’t really get a restful nap or night’s sleep. I would also have an afternoon 1/2 pot of coffee.

Just skipping the PM coffee for a day made my morning training a lot better. I think that I was really desensitized. Supposedly I am a type 2A which is adrenaline sensitive, and yet I have tended to overuse stimulants. I used to take ephedra before workouts and ended up having to quit them, and while I had low energy for about a week, the added sleep almost negates the withdrawal.


I will have to see if those tests are available without a prescription. I was training heavy enough and hard enough to make progress, but basically it was because I was getting all caffeinated, and so I felt good during the hour that I was training and probably feeling so bad the rest of the day and not realizing it that training was kind of my high point. In fact, It almost became harder to skip a day because it was the time of day that I felt normal.


You can always use a private lab source. I don’t know if I can link on here. Easy to find.

If you do end up on TRT my advice would be to leave coffee alone completely. I used it for a few months everyday with a pre-workout and while I did enjoy it , it wasn’t worth becoming dependent. I also found that I had good energy without it, and have completely dropped it from workout routine. I only drink maybe a cup once a week, if that.


I got an email from quest yesterday. They made it super easy to order labs on their site. They have pricing up to.


I did have a couple of borderline thyroid tests (borderline low). Can this cause low T?


Thyroid is not my area of knowledge.

I know that low thyroid can cause many of the same symptoms as low t, and usually it is recommended that thyroid issues are fixed before starting TRT.

As a side note. My TSH raised for the first half of being on trt, into the 2.5 range, and it has now lowered to 1’s consistently.