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Surprising Calories


I have been using My Fitness Pal.
It is a good little program, that you can access from your ipod or android, so you can update when you are out and about eating meals etc.
It has really surprised me, recording how much I eat. Some days I have only eaten 1000cals! No wonder I am not putting on weight at the moment... Other days like today I just quaffed 3500 without blinking.

I am finding the milk and oil meme to be true. 5 tablespoons of evoo is 600cals, 1L of full cream milk is also 600cals. The days I have this are the days my cal count is a lot higher... so drink up everyone!

Eggs, however, always seem to disappoint me in their calories.

Anyway, this post was just to spread around that little app, because I like it.

Also, discuss which foods have surprised you in their calorie count: foods that seem high in cals but aren't, and foods that seem low but in fact are high!


Nut butters can sneak up and add a suprising amount of calories if one doesnt pay attention.


Flavored/coated nuts have especially high calorie counts with respect to how much of them you can eat. Oh and watch out for fast food when you're drunk/stoned, so I've been told. Your appetite will sneak up on you like a mother.


careful of sites that have user-submitted data. It can be wrong (or there's lots of duplicates of the same thing... some of which are wrong).

Also, if you're eating under 1000 cal and that's surprising, then you might be TERRIBLE at measuring portion sizes. If you're not already measuring cups and tablespoons, start. If you're already doing that, start weighing things to the gram. It might be eye opening.