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Surprising Blood Results


A UK doctor recently visited a forum and informed us that do to the multiple esters in sustanon an AI is needed far more often.


So chances are I will need an ai then. In which case, wouldn’t taking it proactively make more sense?


@KSman i’ve just about finished my bottle of Iodoral. Been taking 50mg/day. Average morning temp for the last 7 days was 36.0c, mid afternoon average 36.4c. So not much in the way of improvement and nowhere near optimal. How long should I wait before I do thyroid labs?


This looks to be about the most comprehensive thyroid test on Medichecks. Is it adequate?

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I’ve found another option on medichecks that includes rT3 but it’s very expensive. Could rT3 be inferred by the above test?

I do suspect rT3 is increased to due current relationship, house moving and general life stress.


Just had my 1st TRT shot. 0.25ml sustanon with 250iu hcg and 0.5mg anastrozole. It wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I was expecting. Barely felt the 29g needle. Getting the sustanon and hcg out of the ampoules and into vials was the biggest hassle of the whole experience.

I also finished my IR today. Can someone tell me when is the best time to do thyroid labs?


I’m also in the UK… £90 for four ampoules of Sustanon is such a rip off. You can easily source your own for about £15. I’ve done that but will be getting my meds’ via the NHS moving forward. You can get your meds including HCG (I think) free of charge via your GP. You have to get a private diognosis from private GP then get your GP to take over the prescriptions. I explained to my GP that I was seeing a private specialist about my hormones and she agreed to take over once he gave the go ahead. She will also do all follow up blood tests free of charge. So if I were you i would see if your GP can help :wink:


Nice one. Just need to wait about 6 months for an appointment with my GP. :joy:


Don’t they do open surgery where you live? We just turn up at 8.30am and wait to see a doc!


I’m not sure, it’s a very rare occasion that I actually visit my doctor. I know you can phone up first thing in the morning and cross your fingers for a cancellation. I don’t think they have any kind of “drop in” service.


Ok guys, my protocol for the last 6weeks has been 0.5ml of Sus250 split into 2 injections (Tuesday PM, Saturday AM) with 0.5mg Anastrozole at time of injection. Also 250iu HCG every other day.

Initially, sex drive was through the roof and feeling of general well-being was (and still is) much improved. I recently broke up with my partner of 9 years. Mood is still good and outlook is generally positive, but that (along with fairly low e2) might account for my reduced sex drive.

Blood test was taken Friday AM, these are the results. What are your opinions?


Your AI dosage is too high, you need to half the dosage. TSH is terrible, many thyroid labs missing. Free T3 is the only active thyroid hormone, it is what free testosterone is to total testosterone and it’s not tested. Doctors should be testing for it more so than Free T4, there are no T4 receptors in the body, only T3 receptors.

I recently had labs done that showed perfect Free T3 and Free T4 levels, Reverse T3 and antibodies were out of range, you’re only getting part of a larger picture.


TSH has been terrible from the start. My TRT provider doesn’t treat thyroid and i’m 100% certain my GP will fob me off. Plus, I don’t think I really feel much in the way of thyroid symptoms.

I was thinking about stopping the AI and retesting in 6 weeks. So, stop AI or half the dose, which would be preferable?


Stop the AI for a week and see how you feel, if you feel high E2 start at a reduced by half AI dosage. Don’t just through in the towel regarding thyroid, takes step to getting thyroid treatment or self-pay. Healthcare doesn’t care as long as you’re in these ridiculous ranges which have been put in place to deny treatment, unless you’re totally ****** they won’t touch you.


Blood results after a month of no AI. Total and free test are both down, e2 is up massively. No changes to injection protocol and sample was given on Friday morning (I inject on tuesdays and saturdays) same as last time.

Last e2 level was taking 1/2mg Anastrozole at time of injects.
Opinions on trying 1/4mg and testing again in a month?

P.s yes, I know I need my thyroid checking still, it’s having the money to do it. FT3 tests are pretty expensive in the UK but it’s on my to do list.


The estradiol level looked good. If it was the sensitive test it would be high.

84 pmol= 23 pg/ml


My previous e2 level? My doc said he wasn’t happy with it, it’s too low. I did notice a bit of loss of libido at that level too. Not that it’s any better with higher e2.

Edit: just seen your conversion. So my current e2 is about where it should be?


I meant your recent estrodiol lab looks good. The conversion is 23 pg/ml.

Yes I think it’s right on.

How do you feel? And what did Dr say about elevated prolactin? Because elevated prolactin affects libido and erection too.


Doesn’t seem bothered about the elevated prolactin. I’m not having erection problems, just a bit of low libido. This could be down to having recently (and maybe temporarily) separating with the Mrs. Mood in general is ok though.


Ok. Just recheck prolactin next time you do labs. Your free t looks very good by the way.

It will feel good not needing arimidex.

I just did my labs and my estradiol was 33 pg/ml. Higher than yours.