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Surprising Blood Results


No new labs to report and no meds arrived yet (should be here Tuesday) but fuck, have I felt miserable these last couple of days. Snapping at the Mrs, got things to do but no interest in doing anything, just sitting on the sofa, wallowing, eating shit food and feeling miserable. I can’t wait for this Clomid to arrive so I can start either feeling better or ruling out another treatment option. This fucking sucks.


That statement is true in context as an alternative to TRT. But as a standalone statement not very useful.


From what I can gather, Clomid as an alternative to TRT is what they want to try first (even though that idea doesn’t seem to make much sense considering my natural LH/FSH production). Not that my Clomid is here yet. We’ve had a 4 day bank holiday weekend and apparently the pharmacy is clearing a backlog of orders. I’m glad I haven’t started any treatment yet, running out because the pharmacy are a bit busy would be a hormonal rollercoaster that I don’t fancy a ride on.


Please do not take 50mg or 25mg ED. Less…


I believe the tablets i’ll be receiving are 50mg. I was planning on cutting them in half and taking 25mg eod. Is that a reasonable dose? It’s half of what the doc prescribed.




In my case 25 EOD made me very sleepy I could not function. I felt better with only 12.5 EOD.


You also, I slept like a baby injecting EOD, strange consider how wired I felt during the day. I wonder what the mechanism is there.


Iodine replenishment starts tomorrow. I’ll take 50mg/day assuming I can tolerate that much. What sort of improvements do I need to be looking out for?


Clomid (finally) arrived. Started on 25mg eod today.


Is acne related to low E2? I have low E2 had quite a few spots on my back (especially) and chest but they seem to be far worse and far more sore today. I started Clomid yesterday. Are the 2 related?


Started IR Friday, 50mg/day.
Sat am 35.7c 0730
Sat pm 35.7c 1500

Sun am 35.5c 0700
Sun pm 35.6c 1430

Mon am 35.1c 0200
Mon am 34.8c 0815
Mon pm 35.7c 1500

Tue am 35.2c 0515
Tue pm 35.7c 1500
When should I start seeing an improvement in body temps? Mood and fatigue also seem the same or maybe a little worse.


IR continues at 50mg/day…
Wed am 35.4c 0800
Wed pm 35.2c 1530

Thu Night shift

Fri Night shift

Sat Night shift

Sun am 35.5c 0630
Sun pm 35.8c 1630

Mon am 35.8c 0800
Mon pm 36.0c 1800

Still no improvement in temperature. The Mrs tested the thermometer and only got a mid afternoon reading of 36c (although it’s quite probable she has thyroid issues too). I still feel fatigue although my mood does seem to be on the up. Sex drive is slightly better than usual, that is to say, i’m not chasing her around but had nothing better to do while she was out so took matters in hand. Orgasms are still pretty lacklustre, but at least the desire to have one is there. Putting improvements in mood and sex drive down to the Clomid.


@KSman how long after IR do I need to wait before I do thyroid labs?


I’ve bought an analog thermometer and my mid afternoon temp came back at 36.6c today. I’m gonna continue using this thermometer. Don’t know why I bought a digital one in the first place tbh. I was wrong about my mood though. I feel thoroughly miserable today. It’s a strange feeling (but i’ve had it before) I can only really describe it as emotionally shut down.


That supposed to be your morning waking temperature, iodine and selenium should do the trick…


Yeah, i’ve been doing an IR for just over a week now, 50mg/day.


After some correspondence with OptiMale it’s been decided that i’ll come off Clomid and onto TRT. They only offer Sustanon250 and it’s £90/month for 4 1ml amps. No AI or HCG is included in that price. I’ll be sourcing my own.

I’ve been prescribed 0.5ml (125mg) a week which i’ll be splitting into 2 subQ injections.

How much AI would be recommended at that dose? I was thinking 0.5mg per injection (for ease of dosing) and adjust as necessary after 6 week labs. I assume 250iu HCG eod is the standard recommendation?


You may not even need an AI at all, why don’t you wait for the need to arise before taking the plunge. You can buy the AI and keep it on hand and if you need it, take it, if not then…


That is a good point. Is sustanon (since its a blend of 4 esters) less likely to increase E2 due to the staggered time release than a single ester?