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Surprise! Trimspa Doesn't Work.


So, I was driving to work this morning, and I heard a radio ad for Trimspa. "Blah, blah, blah, Anna Nicole's still dumb, but hot now, blah, blah"

At the very end, I catch the announcer dude speaking pretty quickly, but I definitely heard him throw in the C.Y.A.-line "Results not typical. Average total weight loss in an 8-week study combining diet, exercise, and Trimspa formula was 6.6 pounds."

This struck me as interesting, to say the least. 6.6 pounds in 8 weeks...when dieting, exercising, and using a supposedly effective fatburner? Manoman, those are not any results to write home about. Take an Average Overweight Joe or Jane, and get them to implement Berardi's 7 Basic rules, and you'll see better results, even before exercise.

On the Trimspa site, I found a little disclaimer at the bottom:
Average weight loss achieved in an 8-week clinical study combining diet, exercise, and X32 was 3 pounds per month.

WTF, man?!? I could lose 3 pounds in a month just by shaving everyday. Give me HOT-ROX, 5 meals a day, and 6 weeks of High Octane Cardio, over that anytime. I'd love, love, love to see the "diet and exericse" program they used. I just don't get how the public still falls for supplements like this. Is attaching a celebrity to your gimmick really all it takes??!! Grrrr.


Yes. Would anyone like to buy a Total Home Gym or a Thighmaster?


What are you getting upset about? Don't even waste you energy thinking about it. It's how it is, and it's how it'll be. For diet products and a billion other things.


The truth comes out! Lemme guess, you've got a Tony Little Gazele too?


Hey, I had one. I ended up giving it away when I moved though.

The thing had almost NO resistance. Walking would have burned more calories.


Dude, if you found any of that shit in my house you would have my permission to beat me with it.


Hmm...Prof X conspicuously did not mention that he had to own the equipment, merely that it needed to be in his residence. plots on 'planting' a thigh master in Prof's house

runs before he can grill me and eat me for lunch




Someone recently told me that Tony Little was a respected bodybuilder at one point. Has anyone else heard this?

I'm gonna have to do some research...


Funny you should mention it. I found this pic with a quick Google search. I'm sure he'd sell even more machines if he returned to something even vaguely similar to this physique, even for a few moments.

About the original topic, it wasn't so much the celebrity endorsement that got me, not by any means. It was the poor trial results that truly floored me.

I mean, seriously, how poorly does a nutrition/exercise/supplement plan need to be designed, to only take off 3 pounds in a month? Especially when you're going into it, from a company's perspective, knowing that eventually you'll be pushing a product related to these results.

Was it like: Diet advice "Um...just no more donuts". Exercise "Mall walking, 15 minutes, 3 times a week". Supplements "Trimspa, once every other day".


Quick!! Sneak one in while he's not looking!


My guess is, if you look up to Anna Nicole, you can pretty much be pursuaded to buy damn near anything.


They forgot to tell John Daly about the no donuts part.

Didn't he have a TrimSpa sponsorship logo on one shirt sleeve and a Dunkin Donuts sponsorship logo on the other recently?


I remember Tony Little when he first started out in the fitness business. he talked about his auto accidents that almost killed him and severely wrecked his body. He wasn't quite as annoying as he is now. I found his website and read his bio. It's somewhat interesting.


The picture of his face after the accident is no joke.


There are a lot of people in this country, and the availability and marketing of products like Trimspa convinces me more and more everyday that the majority of them are lazy, fat and stupid.