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Surprise Surprise, Shoulder Woes


Recently, my right shoulder has been acting up. For several months, it's been an incredibly mild problem, but as of the past week, things have gotten a lot worse. I don't seem to feel anything in my AC joint, but rather along the medial half of the clavicle. The bone seems to crack and pop when I elevate the scapula and when I rotate my humerus with my shoulder abducted to about ninety degrees. There isn't really any pain, but what I do feel is very unsettling. Depressing the shoulder actually causes a little bit of pain, but it isn't too bad.

I recently upped the frequency of my workouts (I do 5/3/1), so that may have something to do with this, although I have been kicking total ass at the gym lately. Other possible factors include using a computer mouse (I use my right hand), sleeping on my side, and playing guitar, although I haven't been playing too much lately.

I'm perhaps not the most articulate (no pun intended--that would be horrible) person in the world, so please ask questions and get me to explain this further. I understand that an internet forum isn't the same thing as a sports doctor, but hey, I'm unemployed. Hopefully this all sounds like a common problem that somebody can recognize.

Thanks in advance--if you can help make this go away, you're my hero.