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Surprise, Another Newb!


As you can probably guess, I am fairly new to working out. Although I started a few months back I wasn't all that serious and in turn I got a few stupid injuries. Well I'm back now and I've got new goals. I want to have a incredible jump (main focus), and a cut upper body. I work out for an hour after school, and drink a shake afterwards with one heaping spoonful of whey. And one question about that, I have roughly 3/4's of the glass be water, and the remaining to be milk, combined with two and a half scoops of vanilla ice cream with fruits. Good or not? I hear milk slows down the effects of the whey. Anyway! Here we go...

Monday: triceps, biceps, forearms
-tricep dips (1x8,6,4)
-preacher curls (2 narrow, 2 wide x10)
-close grip dumbell press (2x10)
-hammer curls (2x10)
-wrist curls (2x10)

Tuesday: legs, abs
-squats (4x10)
-calf raises (3x10)
-decline crunches (4 sets, increase weight after each rep)

Thursday: back
-good mornings (4x10)
-bent over rows (3x10)
-back flys (2x10)
-wide grip pull ups (1x8,6)

Friday: chest, shoulders
-incline dumbell press (3x10)
-chest fly (3x10)
-military press (3x10)
-lateral raise (2x10)

I know there are some excersizes in the wrong area, and the leg workout is looking super weak right now, I need some help there especially. Thanks a lot in advance ^_^


for wanting an incredible jump you aren't doing a whole lot for the legs, try and work in some deadlifts, bulgarian split squats, isometric deadlift holds at different positions of the lift, single leg hyperextensions, plyos. Pm me if you want some programs for an incredible vertical, i have a lot.


This is basically my warm up schedule for the next little bit. I'll soon increase the weight and lower the repetitions. After that I'll add more leg excersizes. And please PM me those leg workouts if you don't mind.


Firstly, welcome to the forum.

Here are few great links you may find useful in your goal of achiveing a maximal vertical leap:

Thib's "Get Vertical" program:


Defranco's "Dirty Tricks" article:


I've been doing Thib's program for 3 weeks and am seeing very significant gains already.

Good luck and feel free to reply with any questions. Take care.



You asked for advice. I agree with the advice. What in particular are you worried about with this "warm up" that has you doing only 2 total movements for you entire leg structures all week long?

Do some Lunges on top of squats for the quads as well.

If it has to do with injuries, I understand. What's the problem?


I have no injuries right now, but yeah, I will definately fix up my leg workouts and add more stuff. That was one of the main reasons why I posted.

And should any of those lifts be changed to something more efficient?


Wow can't believe someone didn't comment on the whole "milk slowing down whey thing"

Anyways I'm glad that you've posted here and didn't post a pcture of yourself asking if you should cut! If you haven't checked out Vrooms beginners thread,please do!


Uhh, I can't believe you commented on the fact that no one commented, and then don't answer the question yourself...haha.


Edited because I didn't read the above post very well. Anyways no your totally off on the milk slowing down whey thing. There is a ton of info on protein on this site just use the search. The person who told you that should be slapped with a dead fish.


Blood just started shooting out my nose.


The famous "Vroom's beginner thread" that is really named "are you a beginner".


And here is his "Are you a beginner II" thread:


The articles that he links to in those threads are DEFINITLEY worth every minute it takes to read them, even for those who don't consider themselves beginners.

A whole lotta great info there.


I've already read them, but hell, reading it twice sure can't hurt. Will do!


It's nice to see another noob from Ontario here.


I'm going to add deadlifts and split squats into my routine. The I think my program is sounding pretty good. Still, any more recommendations?


Have you looked at Chad Waterberry's Anti Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program yet?

I really liked it and it made me noticably stronger and I added some muscle on it not too long after taking too much of a break in training.

It's not a whole lot of overall volume, so I think it's great for begginers or even intermediates looking for something different.

Here's the link if you're interested:



I have to agree with SWR-1222D on the ABBH. It was the first program I tried from this site, and absolutely loved it being as how I had only ever done split routines before. It is a perfect place to start.

As for the milk... I personally can't find a problem with milk... I don't know what side of the weight scale you are coming into this from so I can't really say if milk should be your friend or not... but I know I couldn't meet my caloric needs on a daily basis without the boost milk gives me.

Good luck, and don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions.


I have one more comment/question. Counting calories and measuring stuff constantly sounds like a difficult task. Where do I start? If you didn't check out my profile yet, I'm 14 years old, about 135-140 pounds, and roughly 5'6 - 5'7. At my age it still seems extremely hard to put on, or even lose weight (I want to gain weight by the way), should I really even be worrying about this stuff at my age, or should I just continue to keep in shape with lifting for a few years and then start trying to gain weight?


You can try to gain weight but at your age,eating chicken and rice at every meal isn't needed. Try to keep it healthy,instead of regular PB eat natural PB.Even things like wheaties and stuff like this in skim milk Make sure you eat a ton of fruits and veggies,lots of protein. Eat several small meals a day.At your age I don't think gaining alot of weight quickly is a good idea for you. As long as you eat right and lift your body will do the rest of the work for ya!


Guys, im 16 and 5'10, i weigh 180 (or so) lbs but wana get cut asap! Im doing the anabolic diet and am doin weight lifting at home and go on walks with a backpack with bricks in (acts kinda like a weight vest). I do medium runs (3-5 miles) and can do the shorter runs (2.1 miles) in 14 minutes :slight_smile: i sometimes do a bit of renegade rope when i feel like it. I just dont seem to be loosing much weight at all?! can anyone suggest anything?



Thanks for the response K-Narf. You are probably right, counting calories and crap is pretty much unneeded at my age. I should just focus on eating healthy, and lifting properly for now. I'll leave the calorie counting until I'm older.