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Surgical Repair of Umbilical Hernia


i have a rec'd a umbilical hernia repair in jan 2008. i am getting back to the strength to a point.
what i would like to see on this forum is find who ever has had a surgical repair for the umbilical (belly button) hernia.

1- History prior to the hernia?
-ten years of strength/hypertrophy training

2- When you had the surgery?

3- How long to get back to your strength/physique?
-two to three months of normal strength

4- Any history of added tear at the prior surgical repaired?
-no more discomfort currently.


I had an umbilical hernia surgery in 05. They put the mesh in. 4 weeks ago I reinjured it and I’m having surgery again tomorrow. FML. How was your recovery?


How did u re injure it chris? Where u trying to lift again within the 4 weeks?