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Surgical Prep


I met a girl who had stitches above her hairline. She told me, without me asking, that it was from surgery. Im not to the part of my education where I am learning about surgical prep, but I always thought before you had surgery in an area like that, that part of prep was to shave the area. Was she lying or is that normal?

The reason I ask, and I did not tell her this, is because I have had the type of surgery she claimed to have, and her stitches/incision didnt look similar. They looked more like the kind of cuts that people get when they get hit or fall and hit something. If she fell she probably would have just said she did, but I am worried that she got hit. Is there a better way to tell the difference? Any advice?



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Not sure if this helps but here is a pic right after I had minor surgery on my head. You can see they shaved the head but this was done immediately prior to surgery (in the OR) not before.


when I broke one of the bones in my hand (4th metacarpal) and had it operated on, they shaved 2/3 of the way up my wrist, so you would think they would do it on your head (denser and longer hair)




Well, truthfully, I didnt ask because I dont know her well, it would be impolite/intrusive for me to press her for information, and it really isnt any of my business.

Her hair was not any different around the stitches than it was anywhere else. All of it about 12-18 inches long. Looked to be 5-10 stitches.



Hair restoration surgery ?


If she lied about surgery to cover up taking a beating, that is a pretty original lie. Usually the go-to is "I fell down some stairs."


Like Borat did to Pamela Anderson?



RJ, why did they have to take a core sample?


Haha thats clever. Should have made that joke when she pointed it out.



Maybe Im giving her too much credit, but I think a lot of women know to not say that kind of stuff because of how common/obvious that would be.



I had a sebaceous cyst about that started off small and eventually grew to about the size of a quarter so I wanted to have it removed/checked out just to be safe. It was benign and the surgery was quick!


Could it be possible that she asked the doc not to shave her head.
I have read that shaving is not necessarily a given.
If she has long hair couldn't it be clipped out of the way? A man usually has short hair so it might be more likely to get in the way than long hair. Just a thought. I've never had experience with this though.


Was she uppity or prone to back talk? The answer to that should pretty much answer your question.


Just your typical happy go lucky girl from what I can tell.