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Surgery, Training & Nutrition

Hi guys,

Been a lurker for a while now and I thought now could be a good moment to ask for some good advice…

I’ve got this surgery coming up in a couple of weeks (don’t know exactly when, maybe a couple of months) to remove a tumour near my ear and I won’t be able to lift weight above 20 pounds for around 3+ weeks unless I want to see my neck open like a zipper.

For the nutrition part, I’ll be forced unto a liquid only diet for a couple of day so it’s no biggy, but I’m really wondering what I could do to preserve my muscle mass. I know 3 weeks is quite a break from the gym. I’ve been training for 3 years, gained about 30+pounds (I’m 24 at 155 and 5’6")

Anyway, I’m not really nervous about the operation since It’s fairly common and it’s 80+% likely benign, but still…

For all you md’s that may read this we believe it’s a Pleomorphic Adenoma

Thanks guys !!

Relentless, I wish you all the best in your upcoming surgery.

Check out the wound healing/surgical (pre & post) protocol on the Life Extension Foundation, lef.org.

Make sure you pick up your antioxidents to higher levels than normal (higher than ODA). I’d also recommend L-arginine pre and post, MSM and a good proteolytic enzyme to help with protein synthesis and turnover of damaged structures. It’s expensive, but I like Woebenzyme. Just be sure to take it on an empty stomach.

Of course, keep your protein up, and take full advantage of flaxseed oil for your good fats because flaxseed oil is high in omega 3s, which are antiinflammatory.

I’ll leave others to confirm or deny if this is correct, but a cycle of strength training may just do the trick for you; i.e., help minimize muscle loss, as it is a different muscular adaptation than your classic hypertrophy rep & set range.

Anyway, good luck to you, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.