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Surgery Thread


Thought this would be a good thread to share some post-op info.


-Left knee ACL replacement and meniscus "repair"

-Left shoulder repair, still have two small pins in the humeral head.

-Right knee arthroscopy to clean up meniscus tear

-Numerous procedures on my ears, tympanoplasy, etc.

My main ligering issue that affects my training is the left knee. Catch myself cheating on leg day so I've had to switch to single leg movements for the most part besides squats and DL's.

What have you had done? What was the recovery process like? How does it affect your training today?


Couple screws in my right ankle. Couldn't really lift anything for about 6 weeks, couldn't work out legs for probably 4 months. This was a long time ago though, wasn't quite as into lifting as I am now. Right leg is still a little bit weaker than left, and can't run on treadmill much at all or I'm limping again.


Nothing for me, but hubby has had:

Right ACL, then scope
Left Achilles
Left patellar, then scope.

He has some significant imbalances on his left side, and I think the patellar tear might've been caused by weakness left over from the achilles tear.

He hasn't done much in terms of weights since the patellar scope in October, but he does do a lot of single leg work.


-Right knee ACL replacement and meniscus repair.
-Left knee ACL replacement and meniscus repair.
-Right knee meniscus repair.
-Right knee meniscus removal.

As far as training goes, I haven't noticed my knees hold me back on anything. They usually don't hurt or swell so I don't have a problem. However, I started weight training well after my surgeries (had them all as a late teen) so I don't have anything to compare too (for example, like training before and after the artroscopic surguries).

I DO notice a huge difference in my atheletic abilities. I sustained all my injuries playing Basketball and now I am significantly slower (especailly laterally) and not as quick.

My biggest problem would be the fear or lack of confidence I now have after the surguries. Like, I no longer jump off one leg or jump while players are near me on the court. I guard my legs very much, to the point it hinders my game.


I had open heart surgery to repair a condition called tetralogy of fallot when I was 9 months old (turned 20 in november, every day is a blessing). lingering symptoms include an abnormal beat, 2 murmurs, and i get short of breath in aerobic situations faster than i would otherwise.

i take a mild beta-blocker daily. probably in 5 or so years i will need a pulmonary valve replacement.

as far as lifting goes, I will basically be in a perpetual maintenance stage for the rest of my lift. I'm 5'10" and about 157 lbs right now, and I have been advised by my cardiologist to stay in the 155-160 lb range to make it easier for my heart to circulate blood to my entire body. extra weight = extra blood to pump = unnecessary stress on the ole ticker. I'm ok with being a scrawny bastard for the sake of my heart.

my goals are to be and stay around 156ish and under 10% bf. currently 13ish%


Wow dude. Your challenges outweigh many.


What type of ACL replacement? Patellar tendon? Cadaver?

Mine was patellar tendon, and you're definitely right about lateral movement, can be scary. Especially if you've had both knees done.


I couldn't handle that. More power to you my man.


They used a part of my patellar tendon for each ACL replacement. I used to hate the scar that it left infront of my knee caps when I was younger. I couldn't care less now.