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Surgery: Taining & Diet Modifications

Next week I’m having surgery on my nose for a deviated septum. I’m supposed to stop eating foods at midnight before the surgery and I probably won’t be able to eat anything but Jell-O the day of. The post operation instructions say not to lift heavy objects for 7 days.

Currently, I’m on the T-Dawg diet. I try to keep my carbs under 100grams on training days and under 70grams on my days off. I get one healthy “carb-up” day. I try to keep my daily protein intake around 250grams a day.

As for training, I’m currently using modified German Volume Training (10 sets of 10, 60% of 1RM, and one minute rest between sets). I also hit approximately 30 minutes of cardio after each workout.

Right now, I’m cutting and trying to keep as much muscle as possible.

I would like feedback as to how to modify my diet and training (during the post op 7-day layover) for maximum results.