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Surgery Recovery, Restart

I just had bicep tenodesis performed at 48. Doc says can’t push this like I have past injuries so looks like I’m down for 4-5 months. I’m bored out of my mind, down about 30-35lbs body weight, and look, well, like crap. Pretty depressing. Not really sure at this point if the tendon reattachment has been successful, just how durable it will be, etc., so I’m asking questions for encouraging words I suppose. I was a decent lifter before the thing snapped, 625 dead, 525 squat, 405 flat at a 217 lb body weight. Not real sure the redesign will accommodate lifting in those ranges any more, and not sure how get back to there if so. The time off is certainly rotting me from being so inactive.
Does any one out there have any legitimate information, restart training programming, etc. that I may request?

Train smart, train healthy, the old school methodology of lift it no matter what will catch up I assure you!

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I recently returned from shoulder surg. 1/3 of rotator located muscle gone and another 1/3 had a 90% tear along the length. The doc closed it with surg thread thats supposed to be good up to 600 lb tension, and attached to anchors he put in a nearby bone. Will need the other shoulder done within a year.
I know the journey can be depressing. Here is what I did:
1- train other parts besides the injured part when you are mobile.
2- do phys therapy and when they kick you off that, do what they had you doing but slowly keep increasing the weight on your own.
3- Spot on sleep and nutrition will hasten the recovery process like you wont believe.
Good luck!

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Thank you, I certainly appreciate the information. I’m at the point of wondering if it’s worth risking re-tears or additional injuries elsewhere starting back. I know that I am appalled at how I look and feel, so quitting is not an option.