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Surgery, Out of Gym. How to Maintain?



had stem cell surgery am out of gym for 40-60 days is protein pulsing or bcaas best for maintaining strength or is there some other suggestion?


Getting better is the only priority

Mag-10, BCAA, clean diet are all good things.


This article should help. I’d definitely go with something like protein pulsing with Mag-10 instead of just BCAA because of the more complete protein source and better absorption.

Also be sure not to overly-restrict calories or healthy fats (or high-quality protein from all sources, obviously). Your body is recovering, so give it ample nutrients. If you’re concerned about getting pudgy while you’re not training, dial back the carbs some (or most) days of the week.

Can you walk? Like, just plain old super-boring walking? Check with your doc first, but that might be good for morale, general energy, and recovery.


You’ve already got some good advice above me, but I’d just like to toss my hat in the Mag-10 bucket as well.

Protein pulsing is a very effective way to trigger protein synthesis to help maintain your muscle and strength.


I don’t know what sort of shape you are in, but after I had a car accident all I did for two months was ride a bicycle everywhere and swim. When I got back to the gym, I was 15 pounds lighter and hadn’t lost any upper body strength. And yes, I had decided to take my insurance check for the car and buy the bike, pay off my credit card, drop $500 on books, and still had money left over.


Yes, i started walking as I cant put pressure on my right arm for 40-60 days