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Surgery on my T-Man

To all the T-men and women, I need your help. My long-term t-man is having spinal fusion Tuesday, 11/27. Please send us your messages of encouragement and support–I will print these for him. We’ve tried every supplement you sell and read every issue online. Thanks in advance for everything.

Hmmm, support? I know of no such thing. Tell him if he doesn’t get his ass back into the gym 3 days after surgery he is a pussy. Just kidding, best wishes from T-men in Canada!!!

Here’s the rest of the story…this is his second neck fusion. First one was two years ago. He returned to lifting and beat all his “personal bests”–including 500-lb squats and 300-lb bench presses. Now that the whole thing has happened again he is concerned about returning to the same level of training.

I wish him my best and hope he comes out great.

Good Luck to him. But he shouldn’t need it. If he’s a T-man, he has balls of solid rock.

“no tman shall fear surgery, as tmen are strong and full of muscular vitality”…I read that on a rock at the top of a really high mountain one time. Good luck, and a swift recovery. With the tvixen by your side, I’m sure you’ll get lots of pampering as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

Praying for a speedy recovery. Also as a point of information, for those with deteriorating discs, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Towson, MD. is pioneering Disc replacement surgery. My wife had a lower back fusion there shortly before this development and they are great.

I didn’t have a fusion but did have a disk removed. I was back in the gym and on a horse in 3 weeks. At that was at age 53! Back surgery is no longer something to be feared as it was in the past. I’ll be looking for a 350 pound bench from that young whippersnapper by June 30th! Good Luck. And no hanky panky you two in the hospital!!!

There is no question in my mind that you will do well and be back in the gym with Fire in your Heart: 1) You are a Brother in Iron whos only competition is often with himself, Iron, Sweat and Steel. This makes you one among a Band of Brothers… 2) You have a wonderful woman by your side who Loves you…

To stop you or to hold you back is simply not within the realm of possibility…

Get well soon!