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Surgery for Gyno?!?!WHAT?!


is there any other option, other than surgerey, to get rid of a mild form of gyno!!!? somebody help!


Without pictures, no one could diagnose a "mild" form of gyno or even tell if that is what you have at all. That means no one could tell you what course to take. If it is fat related, getting leaner could reduce the appearance of it. If it is more severe, surgery is the only other option.


To go further one what Pro.x has said. I agree with not being able to tell you and that yes if it is server and actually gyno it will take surgery.

Is their actually a hard lump of tissue behind the nipple or is it just soft like fat. If it is really Gyno the the gland will be swollen and it will be a hard lump behinf the nipple.

I actually have this to a very mild extent behind 1 nipple. I always have as long as I can remember and its very common. No one really notices mine it but me. LOL so no biggie.

Hope that helps,


I have no hard deposits, but I swear I have gyno. I either hold a lot of fat in my nipples or it is gyno, but not hardened. I've had this since I was 14. It lessens when I'm leaner, but never has gone away. I hate it because you can see the fat around the nipple. The rest of my chest looks great...fairly thick and muscular..but then you see my nipple and can see the fattiness around it. And they are always "puffy" and pointy.

That shit sucks! I want to have it surgically removed. :frowning:


That gland wouldn't feel "hard" to everyone. That doesn't mean it isn't contributing.


I've had gyno for about 3 years now and I can attest that it does suck! I will get it removed but all my money is invested in real estate now and I won't see the pay off for about 2 more years so.....


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Because this is usually experienced when going through puberty and not all cases show the typical starting signs that one would see with anabolics use. That means that often it isn't even observed until it is already present. Tamoxifen will not shrink breast tissue that is already present. If it were as simple as that, no pro bodybuilder on stage would ever be caught with it.


it is a hard lump and not just fat...tho there is fatty tissue arround it, but not much. tamoxifen sounds interesting, but isn't there some kind of reversal that can be done? i mean, if young kids(i'm 22 by the way) can get puffy nipples and then it subsides, why can't this subside...or atleast be remedied???? has anyone conquered gyno apart from surgery????


not all gyno is from estrogen activity in the breast tissue.
something like 30% are of no known reasons, meaning Tamoxifen or the likes won`t help.

also, many times when you start to feel something wrong there, it`s already too late to do something about it.

Tamofixen might have a negative effect in the prostate.

i don`t know why but a lot of men seem to have a gyno, just a day ago i was watching a document about some african tribe and i could swear most of the men seamed to have it.
and they were skinny, not fat at all!

i doubt they were using steroids or had low levels of estrogen.
just a thought.



Asking the same question a few hundred more times won't change the answer.


The Professor is right. Again. I just turned 20 and I have Gynocomastia. I dont have a rediculous amount of it, it just swells my nips pretty big and it does look gross. I need surgery even though it seems like some steroid use will take care of it. It wont be that bad though, and when I get Health Insurance (I wonder if it even covers this) I will be certian to do something real to ease this embarassment.