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For surge it lists an ingrediant as d-Glucose… Well, I did a search for d-Glucose and couldn’t find an article written about it. So I figured I should ask here…

What exactly is “d-Glucose”?

My guess is that it is fructose. But I am no expert here.

D-Glucose is the scientific name for the glucose your body can use. The “D” stands for dextro, which means it has a right-handed streiochemistry. Its really a whole lotta mumbo-jumbo, because the other vesion, the L-glucose, cannot be used by the human body. So all glucose you consume is d-glucose.

I tried to respond to your email but your address was not working. Here is what I wrote…
Your appraisal of surge is close but not quite accurate. You are correct about the carbs (d-glucose is simply the isomer of glucose discussed above). However, the whey protein has a smaller MW (I cant tell ya which kind though…sorry). In addition, we’ve added the three BCAA, glutamine, and phenylalanine. The addition of these in combo with the particular whey protein we chose makes for an exact ratio of amino acids to promote the best insulin release and increase in protein synthesis. If you’re trying to formulate your own to order or something, you wont be able to duplicate the surge formula. Nor will you be able to get close to it while making it palatable. However if you try to do so, do me a favor and buy a tub of surge and compare the two. Then let me know if you feel any difference.