I just purchased Surge and my partner and I have never used it before. What I want to know is the directions say two scoops if you are under 200 lbs. Well he is 195 and I am 125, so I find if hard to believe that I would need as much as he does. I want to make this last as long as possible since it is rather pricey so would just one scoop or one and a half be enough for me? Of course I still want to get all the benefits.

I’d like to know this as well. I’m just over 200, do I really need more than 2 scoops?

Jennifer-I would say your partner should take the 2.5 scoops, 195 is close enough to call it 200. Then you take the 2 scoops. Hell, I am 240 and sometimes take 4 scoops. The jar says 3 scoops if you weigh over 225. I often wonder why they stop there? How many scoops should someone like “Kane” from the WWF, who weighs 325 or so take? Or “Big Show” who weighs 500? The whole jar probably. I remember Dr. Tom Deters saying at a seminar that 100g of carbs is not enough post workout for a 200lb athlete. But then John B. has done the research on this I guess. He would be the one to ask.

Well, I’m no Surge expert, but here’s what I do. I weigh about 180, so I “eye gauge” it at about nine-tenths of a scoop for both scoops (180 being 9/10 of 200). So far, Surge has worked wonders for my recovery, strength-wise. ( don’t find that it makes me any less sore.) I also remember JMB saying somewhere that he actually weighed out his Surge to match his bodyweight more exactly. So if you weigh 125, I’d say that probably a scoop and a quarter would do you fine. Just my thoughts.

Did none of y’all read the articles?(Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle) The exact ratios that were used for those crazy effects that Tim described were .8 grams/kg bodyweight in carbs and .4 g/kg in protein. At 125 lbs, You should have about 45 grams of sugars, there are 49 in surge, so your spot on with two scoops pretty much!