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Who’s used Surge? Does it rock? Don’t kick my ass too hard if this has been posted before.

it’s my favorite biotest product so far… no bullshit. I can’t say I’ve gotten dizzy or anything from it, but recovery is definitely improved.

Well the forum search engine is out of order for now so you are forgiven, this time…lol. There are a lot more experienced people on this board who can give you much more detail than I, but bottom line–it works. Try your regular squat workout and then take surge and you will quickly notice the difference in your recovery.

Cool, guys. I just cut all my fat off & now I gotta find a way to get my size back, this time w/muscle. I’m in school, so I’ve got to spend… efficiently

Would the type of training have an effect on the effectiveness? If someone uses lots of volume, like >100 reps total in a workout, and making lots of cortisol and getting really sore, would they benefit more from Surge than someone who uses more intensity & less volume?

I think so far it’s working great for my recovery but I really don’t like the almond flavor! I know I’m just being a bitch but i wish they had chocolate or orange or something. Of course, even if it tasted like ass i would probably still use it if it works.

It works. It doesn’t shoot me into space like it did for Tim P, but it certainly does work, no question about it.