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I hope this hasn’t already been asked but i’m only 135lbs can i take 1.5 scoops of Surge with less water or should i just take 2 scoops as recomended on the label by being under 200lbs. I know i’m pretty light but you have to understand i started out as a fat high school kid at 5’5 145 with no muscle and i dieted down to 125 and now i’m building my way up(hope to hit 150 and then diet again)

1.5 scoops would be perfect for someone at your bodyweight. I adjusted my Surge dose up to 3.5 scoops because I weigh 250lbs.

I’d stick with the two scoops for the best effect. I only weigh 148-150lbs and am 5’4". I use to weight 135lbs for the longest time. Then moved up to 142lb by Feb. I gained another 10 pounds from Feb to April. Now, I’m trying to get a bit leaner, as I gained too much fat around my stomach. I’ll probably end up between 140-145lbs and be under 9-10% bodyfat. And the two scoops of Surge works great for me!

Sig, what’s up man? I’ve seen you posting more now! I hope things are less hectic now with the store and ex-girlfriend situation. It’s good to see you back! Keep posting my man!

Drew…stick with the two scoops, brutha man. Do the math and check it out: you’re ~61kg…according to JB’s articles you need the PW drink to be 0.4g pro/kg and 0.8g carb/kg…61*.04=24.4 and 61*.08=48.8. Ironically, two scoops of the best damn post-workout drink eva contains 25g protein and 50g carbs…that works out very nicely, my friend! Now, let’s get bigger and stronger together!

thanks guys… i’m goign to go with the 2 scoops i’v been dying to get in the gym all day since my surge arived this morning its just killing me