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I know this has been addressed before, but now that Surge has been out for awhile, how are everyone’s results? I would like to try if for dieting. Has anyone had good results using it this way?


Works great, good luck getting it, they told me yesterday because demand is so high it is backordered.

I’ve been using Surge for two weeks while dieting. I have to keep my carbs under control when losing fat, nothing drastic or ketogenic, around 120 to 150 grams per day. On top of that, I have Surge post-workout 5 times per week. This hasn’t interfered with fat loss at all. In fact, today I had to bump my cals up because I was worried I was losing too fast.

I’m following the Massive Eating guidelines for meal combining and also using MD6 and Methoxy-7. The new MD6 is great, BTW. It has a little more kick to it plus the 5-HTP really zaps carb and sweet cravings. Even watching other people eat my favorite desserts at restaurants isn’t bugging me at all.

I’ll add T2 to the mix later, but right now, I’m dropping fat fine without it. I figure I’ll toss it in when I hit a plateau.

Back to your question, I’m pretty carb sensitive and Surge isn’t affecting my diet at all. Give it a shot.