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Surge + ?


OK so postworkout I usually take my Surge with Skim Milk. Is this OK or is there a better way to take it so it gets absorbed in my system quicker. Thoughts??


What about Surge + water?


1) Surge's formula is created to be mixed with water

2) Water gets aborbed into the body way faster than milk

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With water. Surge was designed with specific ratios of carbs to protein, as well as other stuff. Adding milk (which has both carbs and protein) will throw off the ratio.


And slows the digestion which at this point is NOT what you want.

Use water


What does Surge with skim milk taste like? I would think it would either be really really good, or really really bad..


Tastes EXCELLENT with skim milk! Actually I think I'm gonna take it mid workout with water and immediately after, but 45 mins later i think i'm going to continue with doing it with skim milk so I can make a Protein shake with fruit...tastes amazing!


I cant tolerate the taste/after taste of Surge anymore. But as stated above messing with the digestion after your workout is not benefical and you are rendering Surge to be nothing more than a protein shake rather a specifically designed PWO drink.

Mix it in really cold water.


Water, water, water, did I mention water?


Yes water water, but check this out... ever heard of crystal light? Well you make it by mixing it with water..about a gallon or so... and it comes in lots of different flavors, rasperry is my fav. Anyways I poured it into my serving of Surge and it is as fluid as water with a great taste when mixed with Surge so no nasty after taste that has made some of us gag...and it only has 5 calories per serving so this shouldn't throw off the balance Surge is trying to accomplish.


mix with 2 cups water, 1 tsp instant coffee. Best damn shake I have EVER had.