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Finally jumped on the Surge bandwagon and got some delivered the other day.
As for the pwo 67% carbs and 33% protein meal, unfortunately do to schedule i can not eat my meal until 2.5 to 3 hours after. I usually have a protein shake and a banana immediately after but that is all until i arive home. Will this suffice or do you have any suggestions that are portable. Don’t want to experience the low blood sugar thrill driving home on the 75 mile commute.thanks

Not sure I understand you correctly, are you having a banana with your Surge immediately post workout? I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.

Anyway if you can’t eat for a few hours after, you might want to try a second Surge instead.

Possible options on the road:

  1. 2nd serving of Surge
  2. Classic Grow!
  3. Grow! bars
  4. Food in an ice chest
  5. Dried meat & fruits (beef/turkey jerky, raisins, etc.)

I would advise a 3 scoop serving of classic Grow! about 20-30 minutes after your post Surge. Good slow digesting protein and carbs. Mix it up in a shaker and drink and drive. Just don’t get caught;)

Good luck