I am a first time buyer of Surge and well, I’m not to crazy about the taste. Granted supplements aren’t the best tasting things in the world but Surge is less than I prefer. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make Surge a little better tasting.

Although I’ve never added anything to Surge (I rather like it myself, although I’m generally a lo-carb guy so any taste of sugars makes me tingle!), I often add sugar-free Jello powder to my whey drinks to give them a little tang. Not sure how this would affect absorption, which is your major concern when ingesting post-workout drinks…I’ll leave that to those with brains far bigger than mine.

If the above doesn’t work, just chug it down. It’s for growth, dammit, not pleasure!!

You don’t like the taste!? Hrmmm, Gotta be one of the first times I’ve heard that…

Most say it tastes like angel food cake.

In one of my posts earlier today I explained how I use Surge along with creatine, few scoops of gatorade powder, and dilute with 1+ litre water, that’ll defenitely get you a different taste and I guess you could always adjust the flavor of gatorade you pick. This is as was described in one of JBs own recommendations so it won’t throw off the formula.

Honestly, most people rave about the taste of it. I can eat it by itself outta the container, and although I thought people at first were going a little overboard with the angel food cake reference, I’d have to agree: its got a vanilla cake taste to it.

However, with that said, dilluting the surge (2 scoops in two liters of water) makes the taste a little less desireable. Its not as sweet. However, its definately not bad in my opinion. In fact I guess they made surge super sweet so that when dilluted, it would still be pretty good. Probably just a result of all that maltodextrin and d-glucose.

Anyways, how much water are you using?

I don’t have any suggestions as far as making the taste better…you don’t wanna add anything with calories cause you screw up the whole point of surge being the optimal post workout shake…maybe crystal-light type stuff?


Go back in time and slam down some Weider unflavored protein powder circa 1988. Then you’ll realize how good Surge is.

The deal is that the ingredients in Surge don’t naturally taste good. I tried a homemade BCAA whey shake my buddy made once and literally ran to the sink to spit it out. And I can drink just about anything.

Surge tastes really good to most people, like cake, and why it may not be just Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food, it’s a miracle it tastes good at all given the ingredients. In short, stop being such a little pussy; this bodybuilding dammit! Arg! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you try 2 scoops Dextrose/Maltodextrin + Whey Protein,THEN come back here and tell me you don’t like the taste of Surge.

Surge is the best tasting supp. out there. If only biotest would make grow taste like surge…

I rather like the taste of Surge, but my suggestions are that you try diluting more, it can be really bitter if you don’t have enough water. Also, you could try adding Splenda to make it more sweet w/o extra empty calories.

Before surge I was using a mix of Orange Gatorade, EAS Vanilla Protein, and Cytovol. It was a good mix. I hear everyone raging about surge so I thought I’d give it a shot.

It does taste like Angel Food Cake, but I dont’ like Angel Food Cake. I may have mixed too much water in with it. It calls for 20oz and I have like 32oz in my jug. I didn’t really think about that.

Your damn right I’ll choke it down, If it helps me put on some serious muscle, I’m going to do it.


if you cant pallet surge then you should find a different hobby!

Surge tastes great. However, I take half the recommended serving size with 1 scoop of LC Van. Grow post workout.

I thought that Surge tasted like amaretto something. It tastes really good as directed, but very sweet.

winchellj, everybody seems to like Surge the way it is normally, but carb and flavor-deprived person that I am, I like it SWEET, so I add a little Stevia and Splenda. I also add a pinch of salt. Something about that salty-sweet taste.

Make sure you dilute it properly for best effect, though. You should be using one scoop of Surge per liter or quart. Two scoops and two liters equals a full serving.

Just get the Crystal Lite Singles and mix one of them with your surge. It covers the taste.

Drink some straight hydro and dextrose. It tastes like TC’s sweaty ass…not that I’d know what TC’s ass tastes like. So shut up, thank Biotest for making it taste reasonably yummy, and drink it.

I started using Surge about a week ago. I should add that I don’t normally ever eat refined sugars / desserts.

When I first tried Surge, I think I must have fried half my taste buds with the first sip. I swear, it’s probably the sweetest-tasting thing I’ve put in my body in the last year, and I was totally unprepared for it. But now that the initial surprise has worn off and I know what to expect, I’m pretty happy with it. I find it amazingly easy to drink, I can down the 20oz in seconds. If you’re not used to consuming sweet stuff, Surge may be a shock at first, but you’ll get used to it.

BTW, I also find the taste reminds me of angel food cake.

You could also throw in a little bit of unsweet kool aid, what ever flavor you favor (hehehe), and some splenda or stevia if the taste is really that big of an issue for ya.


I prefer Surge to be less sweet so I dilute it more.

On several occasions, I mixed it with water well before drinking (maybe an hour or two before) and it tasted incredibly bitter. So now I mix and drink immediately.