Can someone explain to me what the purpose of taking surge is? Also is it good to take when on a low carb diet such as t-dawg diet 2.0?

Hey, there, Roc. I can see you’re missing out on some of the nutritional wit and wisdom locked behind Door Number One (the “Previous Issues” hyperlink found on the left-hand side of your screen).

Surge is a post workout/recovery drink. John Berardi designed it and wrote a series of articles on it, “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle.” It puts the brakes on catabolism by dropping cortisol levels and puts the pedal to the metal on protein synthesis by spiking insulin and shuttling amino acids into the muscles you’ve just worked out.

Round this neck o’ the woods, it’s probably the most popular supp going. Out of everything I use, it’s right there at the top of my most important, most effective, biggest-bang-for-the-buck supp list.

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Use the search engine to find an article called Solving the Postworkout Puzzle. That should answer your question.

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Your infomercial has recieved rave reviews. Mr. B’ardi will personaly deliver a tub ‘o’ surge to your house himself.

He did however ask if you had any small pets or if there were any midgets living nearby? He also said that he wanted to bring Timmy P (The damn man needs a break, he’s all pasty from being in the office too much) so I suppose that explains that.

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Surge is, without a doubt, the best supp I use. My opinion is that it’s one of the most effectives supps around.

If you’re lazy, here’s the short version:
1/2 serving mixed w/1 ltr. water during workout
1/2 serving post workout

This is the only thing that I recommend to everyone

purpose? there is no purpose…

porpoise? don’t you get enough porpoise with your tuna??

ok, seriously, I have read all about Surge and have tried 1 scoop with 1L of water, during my workout and then again after. My question is would Surge be helpful after sporting events? Would it help to use Surge during and after my hockey games? Hockey is both anaerobic and aerobic, and I am much more tired after a game than after a hard workout…just curious…I might try it this week.

Also, I saw someone mention they added some gatorade mix to the Surge concoction…would that screw up the carb ratios??


In one article JB demonstrated how you could make your own postworkout shake if you didn’t have surge around. In that shake he mentioned Gatorade. That may be where the idea stems from. I don’t think you need to add it to your shake.

DURING an athletic event the blood is diverted from the stomach making it particularly difficult for the body to absorb glucose. Gatorade has been formulated so that it is diluted to exactly the right concentration that your body can absorb it. You could probably do this with Surge, but Gatorade is cheaper.

Surge is “DA BOMB!!”

I believe if you read the article for T-Dawg 2.0, it specifically mentions post-workout nutrition.

Post-workout nutition, without a doubt, has made the biggest changes for me. Recovery is better, I grow more easily, get stronger… basically, I get all the benefits of training more easily and quickly.

I fully believe that the lion’s share of training for aesthetics is about diet, and I think that the lion’s share of diet is about post-workout nutrition.

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I think the gatorade thing is mentioned in the ‘What I wish I knew then’ article on Berardi’s site.