Will start T-dawg 2 soon for a little while I think and I have a question to ask about Surge, is it really an essential part of the diet? I’m asking this because I got hold of 16 bottles of low-carb Grow for a very good price and would like of course to use them during the diet, maybe that I could add something to it that would make it act like Surge as a post worko out supp?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Not sure it’s the answer you want but everyone is so hot on surge because it contains the hydrosolate form of protein and according to the biotest store:

low carb grow"advanced blend of whey-protein isolate, casein, and milk-protein isolate"

which doens’t have the rapid uptake of hydrosolate so surge is the obvious choice but the low carb grow wil surely be used elsewhere in the diet? Just remember that a lot of people made great progress by downing a MRP after training for many years so if that’s all you have then just use it.

you can add maltodextrin,and dextrose powders that can be bought cheap…the problem is that the Grow isnt the fastest acting protein that you are looking for PWO