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Just got my surge in last week and i have only taken it once, but my question is concerning when to take it. I have read articles on this site that say take a full serving immediately after training, another says take a full serving before and after training, and still another says split the serving in half and take 1/2 before and 1/2 after. Does anyone know the best way to take this for the best gains? Any advice is appreciated.

1/2 before and 1/2 after.

Follow Berardi’s latest recommendations in this article: www.testosterone.net/articles/186nutri.html

FOR BEST RESULTS, J. Berardi recommends 1 full serving before/during training and 1 full serving immediately after training. This can get a bit pricy since each container only has ~10 two-scoop servings. This option should be considered when on a bulking diet and definately while on MAG-10 or anabolics. The other method would be to use a 1/2 serving before/during training and 1/2 serving immediately after. I have used this method since SURGE came out and have made excellent improvements in strength and have noticed improved recovery time.

I use 1/2 ser during training and 1/2 serving immediatly after. I have been able to keep much of my original strength even while in a major cutting phase. I cannot say enough good things about Surge. Since it,s inception in the Biotest catalog it has become my favorite supp. BIOTEST RULES!! Is Bill Phillips dead or is that just wishful thinking?

thanks guys. i have been taking 1/2 during and 1/2 after. Just wanted to see if that is what i should be doing. I think it is easier to take this way too. drinking a whole liter of it right after gives me stomach problems

Damn, just reading this thread made my mouth literally water for Surge. And I can’t have it because it’s off day!! God that stuff tastes good!