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Surge Workout Fuel


I just noticed that SWF has a warning NOT to consume unflavored. I was wondering why? The grape flavor is awesome, however the cherry is just this side of vomit inducing sweet. Is it okay to mix SWF with Metabolic Drive?


It's just a warning. You won't die if you drink it without. It's just going to taste like a plain sweet taste.

If you mix it with MD, it will just taste like the flavor of the MD but sweeter.

Sometimes I wonder why people don't just try things.

I wouldn't suggest doing it with MAG-10 or Anaconda, but again, you won't die; this time it will just taste horrible.


i would guess that it's just not appetizing without the flavoring. there wouldn't be any danger in consuming it unflavored. as far as berry goes, i use 2.5 ml for two scoops of MAG-10 in a 1L nalgene bottle. That's much extra liquid and twice the serving that they recommend for that much flavoring. since SWF supposedly is not as foul-tasting on its own as is MAG-10, i would suggest using considerably less of it before you completely write off the flavor all together.


Yeah, Surge Workout Fuel isn't that bad without flavoring. I forgot to put some in last month, got to the gym, and it wasn't even that bad.

tasted off, but not super awful


off topic but Surge Workout Fuel is my favorite Biotest supp. Better than ANACONDA, FINiBARs, MAG-10, all that stuff, in my opinion. :slight_smile: Just makes me feel awesome.


But they wrote in BOLD on the label! I didn't think there was any danger, I wanted to know if they said that just because of taste, or because the flavor compound some how activated or otherwise impacted the benefits of Surge Workout Fuel.

Go Patriots.


off topic but...does everybody's flavoring bottles leak out the bottom? When I leave them on the counter or in my cubboards, I always have stains the next day because they leak out the bottom somehow? Every single one has done this and I've used atleast 15 bottles.


Yeah, I've had them ruin shirts, too.


Place them upside down on the counter?


yeah mine do too. and the Alpha-GPC. it doesn't really leak, it is like the liquid gets soaked through the bottle and when I take the bottle out of my backpack, it always feels slimy.


they dont leak. i thought the same thing until i took the label off mine and realized when i was pouring it a drop would run down the side. also the outside of the bottle was stained so i figured it was just seeping underneath the plastic


ahh ok. thanks dude.


In addition to removing the plastic from the bottle, you might also try taking the plastic off the cap.