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Surge Workout Fuel Works


....that shit really works.


When do you normally take it? I was considering it but is it a pre, peri, post or all drink?






But is that one serving or 3?


Damn straight it works. I took it for the first time yesterday and oh man. I took 2 servings and it was plenty. It's crazy b/c usually claims on a supp label like that are a joke. Surge Workout Fuel is no joke.


I read it as one, but if you've got the $$ to roll using more servings that would probably work too. (I'd guess)

In my next order I plan on getting some and starting it pre workout, sip and finish during, and then going Surge Recovery for after.


^^^ Exactly what I did. I drank 10oz 15 min before I walked in the gym and finished 10oz more 15 min into my workout.


X2 to the anteater. It's good shit.

I use a scoop and a half in roughly 16oz of water. Drink 40% or so before my first set, fill the shaker back up to 18oz or so that it holds, shake, and repeat. So I dilute it every 8oz I drink or so, and that seems to work fine for me.

I have a real job though, so the price tag isn't totally killing my wallet. If it was I would probably only use one scoop.


Agreed. I take it with the protocol, but have also taken it without as a stand-alone supplement 30 minutes before my workouts and it is awesome. It gives me much more stamina and the ability to crank out more sets with heavy weights.


Thanks man. I was just going to ask how effective using one scoop is. My workouts usually only last 40 intense minutes and Surge Workout Fuel was giving me too much energy after I got home from the gym. I'm going to try a single scoop tomorrow.


You'll need to explain that for us.

I've never heard of anyone having too much energy after training.


All it is, is a blend of Low GI easily-digesting carbs...


Ok thanks. Do you have any protein with it? Like a glass of milk or is that in pre workout meal?


hah right..what a dick, complaining about having to much energy.
I work out in the morning and have a 8-9hr workday after plus school at night...I need all the energy I can get.

I have a question, does anyone use it when they're not intensly working out. Just on maybe easy days, or like cardio days, or core days?


Actually, there's much more to Surge Workout Fuel than carbohydrates.

Check out http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/product_information/the_3rd_law_of_muscle.


It's pretty simple. I get to the gym at 5:30pm, I lift 45min-1hr. I go in the sauna/pool/steam room for another hour. By the time I get home it's 8:15, I'm in bed by 9 and it effects my sleep. Even though it was time to go to bed I felt like training another body part I had so much energy/stamina. Does that explain it clearly enough for you.


Totally agree with Mod Brian...
For about a month now I've been using 2x scoops 30 mins before my workout (as part of Thib's protocol) and am stunned at how much better I perform. The results are for real too, because
my training ATM is EDT style (it's brutal!) which makes it really easy to clearly gauge your progress. My numbers just keeping going up and up...
I LUURVE this stuff guys!


Take it with water as directed. Actually, adding milk (especially full fat milk) is NOT advisable pre-workout, as amongst other things, it will really mess with the timing of its ingestion as the absorption of the carbs will be affected. Not what you want!

Peri workout you want fast, easily absorbed proteins like Whey Hydrolysates or Hydrolysed caseins.
Check out the Christian Thib threads on Peri workout nurition and Amino Pulsing and you'll be fully up to speed with what to do...Hope this helps.


If this is really the case, you're either consuming caffeine or some other stimulant or you are not pushing yourself very hard in the gym.