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Surge Workout Fuel Usage?

This may be redundant, but I couldn’t find a thread, so here goes. Just got my first bottle yesterday. I get that you should drink 20 ounces of liquid for an hour workout, so that is two scoops. Easy enough. You should also start drinking it pre-training. One scoop in 10 oz. sufficient?

I also do 10 minutes of cardio warm-up, is it okay to sip it while doing this or should I be at rest? Post workout I do waxy maize/protein hydrolysate, so I probably don’t need the Surge post training…


Seems what you have laid out is fine. When I first started using it I did the 10 oz before then did 2 scoops per hour I trained. Recently I began to do 1 scoop 15-20 mins before I train then sip one scoop during my workout. It seems to be working fine that way too. The best thing to do is just experiment to see what works best for you. Everyone responds to supplements differently.