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SURGE Workout Fuel UK Bulk Buy


Considering the new release i was thinking there are bound to be more than a few fellow UK residents wanting to try a tub or two out? So i thought it would be benificial to start a thread to discuss any ideas such as a bulk buy as has been discussed on a previous thread or if we can not arrange anything like this, if someone could just inform me how much tax and customs charges ontop of two tubs?

Hopefully we can work something out though as it is in our interest afterall!


$90 for 2 tubs and of todays exchange rate (1.47), that is £61.25.

£61.25 + 12.8% (import duty) = £69.09

£69.09 + 15% (VAT) = £81.19

Plus £29.25 ($43) FedEx shipping

Total = £110.44 (£55.22 a tub)

And that's if your bank gives you that exchange rate, which they will not. So maybe add another £5 on top of this.



bollocks. i was just about to make an order and then you had to go and remind me of VAT and import duty. looks like im going to have to put this off for a little while longer


Don't blame me! It's Ripp Off Britain!



Biotest should maybe think about opening a UK/European warehouse or something.

I've seen their stuff on other sites, though. You can sometimes see some products on ebay or amazon, but they tend to be the pills and not the Grow! Whey/Surge.

However, I saw a 908g tub of Surge just the other day at something like £35. I went for Met-Rx instead coz it's so much cheaper and I got more volume.


Both bodyactive and monstersupplements sell Biotest products all be it more expensive than on this site if you want a regular supply! Just i really want to try the SURGE Workout Fuel and its only being sold through this site...going to have to wait to see if it is really worth all that extra money and probably just hang on untill its made availiable globaly.


Thanks alot for that! Its alot more than i expected....too much more for my liking!


That wouldn't work, because they'd still be importing the goods for sale in the UK/Europe, meaning they'd still have to pay the Import Tax and VAT, meaning we'd still be paying almost double for our Supplements.

They only way it would work, is if Biotest opened a factory in the UK/Europe and manufactured the goods there, that's the only way they could offer reasonable prices.

Just PM'd you regarding another matter.