Surge Workout Fuel Taste, Did I Do Something Wrong?

I have some of the new formula Surge Workout Fuel and tried it for the first time. It tasted like a bunch of chemicals. Absolutely NO flavor (I mixed Wild Berry but have both flavors)

I mixed according to package directions. Did I miss something?

Between the two flavors, I think Wild Berry is definitely the lighter of the two. It’s possible that you’re a super taster for one of the ingredients.

I’d try Lemon Drop next. Please let us know how that goes.

Have you previously tried Plazma or Mag-10 with the liquid flavors? If so, how do those taste? They would be something you could add a few drops in to bump up the flavor of the Wild Berry.

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Haven’t tried Plazma or Mag-10. I was thinking of getting the flavors, but thought I wouldn’t need it with all the reviews saying how tasty it is

Yeah, they aren’t needed with Surge Workout Fuel like they are with Plazma and Mag-10.

I feel bad. I wish I had a berry liquid flavor I could send ya!

Hopefully the Lemon Drop will come through for you.

FWIW, I too dislike the berry flavor quite a bit although I wouldn’t say it’s undrinkable. There’s just something about it that is not pleasurable to my taste buds.
I think I’ve gone through close to ten bags of Lemon Drop and only two bags of berry (one of which was free lol).The Lemon Drop tastes really good to me so you should give that a try. I have never mixed the two because I was able to drink the berry without trouble but if you like the Lemon you might be able to mix it with the remainder of your berry to help the taste.

One thing with the Lemon Drop is that it can sometimes be little strong but you can just add a little more water and it will be good. I find on hot days that I like it diluted with about 1,000ml vs 600ml.

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As someone who has mixed and enjoyed it, this is an A+ suggestion.

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I like both lemon drop and wild berry when watered down a good 50% more. Mixed as directed are a tad strong for me

I feel the same way. I use 1000ml to mix either flavor. At first I wasn’t a fan of the Lemon Drop flavor, but now I’d say I enjoy it as much or more than the berry.

Am I the only one who loves the berry flavor? I really dig it, don’t get all the hate lol

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I enjoy it, too.

One day, my favorite is Lemon Drop. The next day, my favorite is Wild Berry.

Sometimes it’s Lemon Berry.


I don’t really have anything helpful to add; I like them both too


Even diluted in 40 ounces of water, the wild berry flavor is not my cup of tea. I too get a lot of chemical taste, which is unpleasant. I’ll probably add some liquid flavoring to cover it up, which is a bummer since one of the things I liked conceptually about this product was no longer needing the liquid flavoring.