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Surge Workout Fuel + Surge Recovery

hey guys, just have a quick question on this. i have read around for a while and seen different things from different people, and being i havent used it i would appreciate input from those of you who have used it. my question is… since i am trying to use it sparingly, would it be ok to:

use 1 scoop Surge Workout Fuel, sip half before workout, the rest throughout… then 1 1/2 scoops of Surge Recovery after workout?

thanks alot in advance guys

2 scoops of Surge Recovery PWO. I just use 1 scoop of SWF before a workout, works fine for me. Drinking throughout makes me nauseous.

I usually have 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel beginning 15 minutes prior to training and 2 scoops Surge Recovery (chocolate) immediately after training.

I drink half of the SWF pre-workout then dilute it to about 3X’s the recommended concentration for peri-workout since I love to stay hydrated during lifting. 2 Scoops SURGE Recovery post like G87 says. Some mix 1 scoop Recovery and the rest of their workout fuel and start sipping about half way through the workout, then get another full scoop of recovery in afterwards.

Bottom line is…drink the damn stuff one way or another, whether it’s to fit your budget, energy requirements, etc etc.

When I was taking SWF I’d drink half before and sip the rest during, and then 2 scoops recover post. I wouldnt really do less than one full serving of recovery per workout, more if your work is more demanding.

My muscles hate not having recovery PWO, whereas they were relatively unaffected when I stopped using SWF.