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Surge Workout Fuel Suggestions



I'm a bit new to the forums (Go easy on me plz hehe)

Anyway, my friend who goes on this website showed me the Surge Workout Fuel, and it caught my attention. I looked up testimonials about it and did some research. I gotta say it seems pretty convincing that it works, but none of the "test runs" involved track, which is what I intend to use it for.

I run the 800 meters, and I'd want to improve my time. Does anyone know if this product would help me to lower my time, and if yes, by how much? And would it be smart to sip it before a race?

One last thing, would Surge Recovery help at all?



Id say use it for workouts that require alot of energy of a longer period of time. 800 meters is tough but your body will be using mostly atp during this time so fast acting carbs will not be as needed before but maybe after the 800 if you have another event.


I use Surge Workout Fuel, and Surge Recovery. Honestly, I wouldn't drink these around a track workout, and especially not at a meet. I'm not 100%, but I believe these are designed for weight training. If I could go back to my track season again, i'd throw Biotest's Beta-7 into my arsenal.


Surge Workout Fuel was designed for athletes like yourself, so stick with the recommended use.

Regular use of Surge Workout Fuel should result in a noticeable improvement in performance.

If your workout are hard enough Surge Recover will likely help as well, although I recommend adding just Surge Workout Fuel initially.


Hmm I looked up beta-alanine, and it seems like you need 4 weeks for it to really "kick in". Counties are next week so I guess that's out of the option. It also seems like your body will get hooked onto beta-7, or maybe that's just me.

So far, I'm leaning towards using SWF. Any other suggestions before I order? :smiley:


Let's take a quick look at the nutrition facts of WOF vs. Recovery real quick:

                            WOF                                  Recovery

fat 0 g 2.5g
sodium 155 mg 200mg
carbs 21g 46g
Vit C 120mg 0 mg
potassium 15 mg 400 mg
calcium 58 mg 180 mg
phosphorous 12 mg 120 mg
magnesium 6 mg 20 mg
Protein 0 g 25 g

Surge Recovery also has 5.25g BCAA and 3 grams each of glutamine and phenylalanine
Surge WOF has 7.2g of citrulline mallate, L-Leucine and Beta-Alanine (it doesn't say what the ratio is)

I spent over an hour on Medline researching the ingredients in WOF (especially the carbs) and couldn't find anything that showed the ingredients in WOF worked better than the ingredients in Recovery. I did however come across this:
"Stimulation of muscle anabolism by resistance exercise and ingestion of leucine plus protein.

Tipton KD, Elliott TA, Ferrando AA, Aarsland AA, Wolfe RR.

Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2009 Apr;34(2):151-61."
In this study, it was found that in young men BCAA and Whey supplementation had no extra effect over Whey alone. This means that the MAG-10 Amino Primer (I wonder why they called it that) in WoF will probably not have any extra effect over the Whey Hydrolysate in Recovery.

If you are following the general consensus and using two scoops of WOF per workout, it will last for approximately 15 workouts and costs $50. If you drink Surge Recovery during your workout using the same protocol as WOF, it will last approximately 16 workouts at a cost of $36 and you will be getting mor nutrients.

When WOF came out, I was already drinking Surge Recovery during and after workouts (I read Nutrient Timing and realized Surge makes for an excellent pre and during exercise drink as well as a post exercise drink). After researching WOF, I couldn't find anything to prove or disprove that it will work better than Surge Recovery during exercise so I did the only fair thing: I bought some and tried it out for myself.

For one month I substituted WOF for Recovery during the workout. My results: I did not notice any extra effect over Surge Recovery.

Bottom line: Does WOF work? Yes. Does it work better than Surge Recovery? Maybe, but not nearly enough to justify the extra cost of even notice the effects.


I respect your opinion, but these products are so different that many of the athletes with whom we work with wouldn't even consider using Surge Recovery during training. They don't share any of the same ingredients and as a result have very different effects.

For improved performance, Surge Workout Fuel prior to and during training can't be beat. Surge Recovery is designed specifically for recovery. If you're primary objective is hypertrophy, and you can stomach it, you can use them both during training, although it may be overkill for all but the hardest working athletes.

If your finances require you to choose just one of them, go with Surge Recovery if your goal is hypertrophy, or Surge Workout Fuel if improved performance is most important.


The study in question looked at the effects on anabolism. Surge Workout Fuel wasn't designed to address this. As already stated, it's designed to improve workout performance. Different products for different purposes.


Better workouts + better recovery = better results over the long term.

Pretty simple stuff, man.


I did the same thing you did, except I took WOF 20 minutes before my workout and I noticed a massive performance difference. It was altogether unreal the ease at which I blew through my workout.

Anyway..if I were running track I would use WOF.