Surge Workout Fuel Review

Surge Workout Fuel Review:

Several weeks ago, @Tim_Patterson and @Jared_Maggard were kind enough to send me the Surge Challenge kit. Despite not running the Surge Challenge due to my training goals (powerlifting/strongman).

A little background on me for reference:

  • I am active duty, currently on a rotating shift work schedule that has me working between 72-90 hour weeks, with weekly changing sleep schedules. For this reason, I normally train fasted first thing after waking, for no other reason than it is about the only time I can carve out.

  • I have been working to cut weight for about the last 12 months. I was a bit husky showing up to my last ship, and was downright beached whale fat by the end of my back to back deployments. Last July, I weighed in at 279. Today, scale reads about 211.

  • Train primarily for strength and general fitness. Lifting 4x a week with bike rides and runs thrown in to keep my conditioning up.

Onto the review.

I received my Surge package, and felt like a kid on Christmas.

Two packets of Surge Workout Fuel, some bands, fat grips, and some water bottles. I was pretty excited to give it a go, and have used Surge for every workout since I got it.

When you pour in the Surge (the funnel helps), it is initially cloudy and frothy.

Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and it calms down a bit to just clear liquid. Personally, I like this. 1) it shows that there isn’t a bunch of extra added junk thrown in to make it look cool. It’s got what you need, and nothing you don’t. 2) I don’t walk around with a stained tongue. 3) the funnel plus the cool water bottle just make me feel like I’m in some science experiment. I know that’s a dumb reason, but I still dig it.

For taste, I like it. This is honestly the least important part to me, but I’m sure some care more. The berry tastes good. Im not a connoisseur, I don’t know how to describe it well. It’s good, enjoyable rather than palatable. About the best description I can give. Onto the important bits.

When using Surge, I’ve noticed pretty consistent results. It’s not like a pre-workout. My skin isn’t tingling, I’m not super amped up, this isn’t jacking my system to overdrive on stimulants. Instead, I just feel good. My initial sets feel normal. I’m strong, I’m fresh, weights move well. The big difference for me comes later.

Being on a caloric deficit, and training fasted, I tend to burn out on my workouts. My main lift is strong, secondary I’m starting to tire, and I really am just mustering energy to go through the motions by the end of my session. Not with Surge. I feel fresh in the beginning, feel fresh in the middle, and finish my workouts feeling strong, still able to focus on and push myself on the later sets of accessory work. Im hitting numbers I expect to hit on my main lifts, but I am definitely knocking out new PRs on accessory lifts due to the energy I have later on in my workouts.

Cards on the table, I’m not a big supplement guy. This is actually the first one besides protein powder that I’ve used in years. I’ve always felt like most of them were 5% results and 95% marketing. I will say that this is the exception to my bias. Look, it’s a supplement, not a steroid. Im not expecting to balloon up 20lbs of muscle in 3 weeks by drinking some liquid while I lift. But I will say, my workouts are better. I am getting more out of my sessions, and In turn my body is growing to the greater and greater stimulus. For me, it works. And that’s all I can ask.

10/10, I will vouch for Surge. Great product that I am sure to continue using. Again, big thanks to @Tim_Patterson & @Jared_Maggard for sending my some to try out, it is truly appreciated and I thank you guys for making such an awesome product.


You wouldn’t happen to be a nuke at prototype would you? Sounds like the shiftwork I did as an instructor for two tours at NPTU Charleston. Terrible quality of life.

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I’ve missed out on all the great side effects of most common drugs and AAS so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I haven’t seen much of a difference using the Surge. I am jealous though!

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@wanna_be, coming from you that’s a high compliment.


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I’m not sure what this means.

Isn’t it fun?! Plus, it makes my kid think I’m cool, so that’s enough for me.

Thanks for taking the time to share such a detailed and honest review.

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