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SURGE Workout Fuel Review


I just worked out for the first time with SURGE Workout Fuel.

I worked up to a 3RM on DL, of 320. And then proceeded to do about 8 sets of front squats with shrugs in between (doing max reps on last set). Usually after a leg day I am limping down the stairs to my car, today I felt perfectly fine and could of easily stayed to do more. My lower back was a little tight afterwards but besides that I felt no post muscle soreness or fatigue.

I drank about a third 15 minutes before, a third during, and the rest after.

Tomorrow morning I will post regarding any DOMS.

All in all I would recommend it.


Sounds good. I'll be doing my first workout with it tomorrow. Continuing to use BCAAs peri-workout (if you ever did). How bout other people. Planning to use BCAAs? Perhaps in the SURGE Workout Fuel?


I used to but they were costing too much money so I havn't been.

EDIT: I have been considering getting some powder BCAA's to save money. Does anyone have experience with this or can recommend a type? Would I be better off with Biotest BCAA's?


Looks like something I may have to try.


So you can really tell a difference. I may have to purchase some.


Had my first workout with it today also. Definitely not bad. Too early to tell, but I noticed I definitely had a lot more in the tank than usual.

Went heavy legs today and by the end, I actually felt like I didn't work hard enough. Last week I half-assed the last few sets because I was so exhausted.

If this keeps up and soreness is down throughout the week, this one might just become a staple along with SURGE Recovery and Flameout.


BTW, any comments on the flavors?

I tried lemonade and it was tolerable. Not great tasting by any means, but went down easy and mixed well.

I know how bad those aminos taste, so I'll take this any day.


Funny. I really enjoyed the lemonade and thought the fruit punch was just ok.


I remember CT saying chocolate Surge Recovery mixed wit fruit punch SWF tastes amazing, and USCTrojan confirmed this when he tried it.


I asked in the article discussion thread and Mod Brian responded. He said they actually saw better results WITHOUT BCAAs. They weren't sure of the scientific mechanism behind it though.


Here's what Bill Roberts posted on this topic.

"Tim mentioned to me the fact that the same transporter is required for all BCAA's (as well as other neutral amino acids such as tryptophan) and therefore other BCAA's will compete with leucine for transport and thus actually can be counterproductive to the efficacy of leucine."


Wow, wouldn't of expected that.

Anyways, I'm a little sore this morning in my lower back, and my traps are a bit tight. But I believe that it is much less than it would normally be, but of course this is hard to know for sure.


BCAA powder is horrible tasting, and doesn't mix well. That is the main reason I go with BCAA tablets from Biotest.




How much of this has to do with the beta alanine, which I know requires the same thing (extended use to notice benefits) ?


This has to do with most of the ingredients in Surge Workout Fuel since it takes time to fully "load" them.


I don't think this is true at all(in regards to beta alanine). The first time I used a beta alanine product I noticed it's effects immediately. The tingling, the ability to just push yourself more, the whole deal. It may be my personal reaction to it, but as far as I can tell it's a drink and go product, and I haven't noticed a compound effect from continued use as far as I can tell.

I can't say if this is true or not for SURGE Workout Fuel, as mine won't arrive until tomorrow.


Someone once posted that the placebo effect usually lasts 2 weeks. I am not sure where they got this or if it is even remotely true.

If it is, however, I am curious how many products' effects are noticeable past this X window of time to outlast the actual placebo effect.

Again, this is if there is an average timeframe for placebo effect to be in...effect.


I am looking forward to this. I push myself very hard when I train and if this product can help to push my limits then I'm sold.

I should receive my order Friday and I will post my thoughts. I bet this is killer stuff for field work.


I always wonder about that. Like, for this stuff, I would love to see one group of 20 guys get the SURGE Workout Fuel, and another group of 20 get a bunch of sugar and see what their reviews look like.