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Surge Workout Fuel Post Workout?


I see Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery share D-glucose, but differ in the other carbs that are used.

Is Surge Workout Fuel slower digesting/absorbed (if i can say that) compared to the carbs in Surge Recovery.

I basically need more carbs around my workout ( would prefer post, but it does not matter)

I have BCAA supps and protein, so those are not in question. It's really the carbs here that i would like information on.

  • To note, i have used the search engine, there are not post on using Surge Workout Fuel post workout.
    ** I would most likely use one scoop pre and 1 scoop post and opposed to 2 sccops before or 2 scoops after. Just a thought, it's not set in concrete or anything.

Advice anyone?


Surge Workout Fuel is meant for before, during and after, where Surge Recovery is pretty much just a post workout.

If you're just going for after then I'd get Surge Recovery, but what do I know.


True, I did see the label stating that you can continue to drink Surge Workout Fuel afterwards, ( if you had any left over )
My main question is, how fast are the carbs digested and does it spike your insulin shoving nutes into your muscles like Surge Recovery states( and is specifically designed for)?

Personally i would get Surge Workout Fuel if it's spikes your insulin and is a decent mix of fast and slow carbs. Due to the fact that it can be taken before and after compared to Surge Recovery where you would most likely only drink it afterwards.


They are both pretty quickly digested, Surge Workout Fuel will indeed spike some insulin and keep it elevated during workout.

that and it should help keep protein synthesis up during the workout. You can do Surge Workout Fuel before and during then slam some Surge Recovery after. I believe hipscar does that.

I always liked Surge Recovery, but I would drink some before, during AND after when I was on it. Now I just use Surge Workout Fuel.


Or...just use whey isolate and kids cereal..or any other carb source good at spiking insulin..dextrose powder etc. Personally..it's more enjoyable to eat fruity pebbles with whey isolate vanilla as milk.