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Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery Pre-Workout?


has anyone noticed better gains or a difference in workout intensity when taking 2 scoops of Surge Recovery before a workout instead of Surge Workout Fuel?

right now i take 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel that i slam about 5-10 minutes before a workout and then 2 scoops Surge Recovery after im done. i like how surge Workout Fuel gives you a little enery, but the Surge Workout fuel doesnt have any protein in it to go along with the carbs. my workouts are usualy about 90 minutes long with heavy weights.


You're supposed to drink Surge Workout Fuel through the workout. It's designed for use WITH MAG-10 and ANACONDA- those provide the protein. It's definitely not a pre-WO drink though.

You can just drink the Surge Recovery through your workout as well as a substitute for the Surge Workout Fuel/MAG-10/ANACONDA combo.


Go with Surge Workout Fuel/ANACONDA/MAG-10 if you can afford. If not, Surge Recovery is fine... take that with 5g creatine pre/during/post.


I use Surge Workout Fuel as a standalone product and love it. I've used Surge Recovery as well stand alone both during a workout and post workout and never had the same effect as Surge Workout Fuel when taking it during.


the tub says to begin drinking 15 minutes prior to a workout.



Ideally you would start drinking 15 minutes before and finish around the end of your workout or 15 minutes after you're done.

What I normally do (SWF/MAG-10/Anaconda mix) is drink about 1/3 of it 20 minutes before training, then start drinking the rest after the first set.



This. You consume STARTING 15-20 min pre-WO, sip through the workout, then finish ~15-20 min post-WO.

But yeah supposedly carbs around workouts (I'm not talking about LONG before workouts, at a point where you would be replenishing glycogen stores, just periworkout) are only to help with uptake of aminos into muscles, so protein or at the very least BCAA's should be included with it.

I'm sure the leucine and beta alanine in SWF are still kewl and help with workouts, but if you aren't going to add another protein or BCAA supp to your periworkout consumption, prob just go with the Surge Recovery because it has protein/aminos anyway.


you mean replace it with Recovery or add some Surge Recovery to it?


SWF + Protein/BCAAs and/or Creatine (ideally MAG-10 and Anaconda)


Surge Recovery


whats in ANACONDA? its loaded with creatine right? what kind? i always thought ANACONDA was a supercharged version of Surge Workout Fuel loaded with creatine. i have some MAG-10 but no ANACONDA i dont have any intentions of buying ANACONDA because its so expensive and i prefer MAG-10 because its more versatile.

i was thinking 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel + 1 scoop MAG-10 + 15g creatine mono-hydrate before and during

and then Surge Recovery afterwards with 5g creatine mono-hydrate.


^that combination of supps sounds fine. I wouldn't personally go over 5g of creatine mono daily, but if you're used to a higher dose than by all means go for it.

ANACONDA is more of a supercharged MAG-10- it contains MAG-10, but also has added beta-alanine creatine pyruvate,and possibly some other goodies.

MAG-10 is money though, I love that stuff and would buy it if I could afford it.


ive never taken that much creatine before, i usually just take 5g with recovery. would it be harmful to take that much?


In that case, probably hahaha.

I know from people who have accidentally taken in triple their normal creatine dose through some ANACONDA mixing mistakes that a very high creatine input = a very high bathroom output.

If you really want to get some pre-workout creatine in, just take 2.5 g creatine mono beforehand and 2.5g after with the Surge Recovery. I'm splitting my 5g like that now and liking it.