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Surge Workout Fuel or NO-Xplode?


I'm currently using NO-xplode, seen a lot of hype on these forums about Surge Workout Fuel. Is it the same thing? Which would you recommend?


No it's not even close to the same thing. Surge is a of high quality proteins/amino acids, as wll as a nice hit of fast acting carbohydrates. Whereas is appears NO-Xplode contains negligible amounts of either, and it more of a creatine supplement. Not sure I would reccommend either as you really don't need either unless you are quite advanced AND your dietary habits in check but.....I would probably take the Surge before overpaying for the other. You can get any number of other creatine products from reliable manufacturers for a lot less. Most products are mostly hype. It's called marketing. While certain products for sure have benefits...those benefits are almost always overstated.


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Put the damn N.O xplode in your sock. Put said sock on your penis. Have the best workout of your life. 5 on 2 off, of course

Post workout is key. Soak your balls in fish oil for a while. Not too long, just a while. Enjoy the best recovery possible.

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NO Explode isn't that pricey compared to most preworkouts, I pay 65 cents a serving.


Both are good, just make sure not to mix the NO-Xplode with a shaker bottle with a loose top or else it's ending up on the ceiling. (they may have changed the formula so beware lol)


Hold on I thought you put it into your eyes? Or is that only creatines?


Lol i've had this happen to me as well...


Surge Workout Fuel.

Plus, I don't get the shits from it.


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Ya, haha I just mix mine in a glass with a spoon or the carbonation ends up causing some sort of trouble.

"Bonez217" hardcore name "bro" thanks for the feedback.


COMPLETELY different. I personally look at NOxplode as a preworkout stimulant, but for me caffiene pills work just as well and I prefer Spike.
I just love Surge Workout Fuel.


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