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Surge Workout Fuel in Australia?

Heard some really amazing stuff about Surge high performance Workout Fuel… Just wondering if it actually lives up to its hype.

Also anyone from Australia ordered it because I was about to order it and then it said customs may cease it. Also it wont let me enter the state for a shipping address


I was wondering about post work-out Surge.

I was going to start getting my supplements from here regardless because in bulk it is cheaper than in bulk at other outlets.

biotestaustralia.com, its based in australia so its garunteed itll arrive, prices are a bit high even though we have a high exchange rate atm

biotestaustralia.com.au sells it, so basically if you want to find out if you can order a product, check there to see if they have it.

If they do, then its allowed in Aus, if they don’t…I probably wouldn’t try.

And sadly yea, its cheaper ordering from here.

cheers might give them a shot tomorrow