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Surge Workout Fuel, HOT-ROX Questions


What exactly does SURGE Workout Fuel contribute to? from what i read, it gives you more energy and leaves you less sore from workouts. is this a good product to improve size? i mean, obviuosly with more energy will lead to better lifts, but is there anything that directly stimulates muscle growth? is it something similar to NO-Xplode?

also, how does HOT-ROX compare to something like Hydroxycut? are they supposed to do the same thing? which would be a better product and why.


It's so similar to NO-XPlode that my head is about to explode.

On Hydroxycut vs HOT-ROX, I wouldn't have a clue.


NO-Xplode is a COMPLETE joke.


Nooo dood, it'll make you swole![/sarcasm]