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Surge Workout Fuel. HOT-ROX Extreme




Should a 15 year old person turning 16 in a couple of months be using these supplements? And when do i use these supplements? im confused, it didnt really say much not that i could see. during workouts, after or before.

And does it really work? 2x better results and 5x faster fat loss?



Use the normal Surge and skip the HOT-ROX.

You don't need much more than food and hard work at your age.


Quoted for emphasis, and the fact that supps come in AFTER you get your diet under control. You have limited control of diet because your parents buy and cook your food. Come up with workable solutions, and THEN* buy the supps.

*Except for fish oil and creatine. And protein. Can't go wrong with them. Use them early and often (IE when you can afford them and according to the directions on their lable).