Surge Workout Fuel... for Work?

A little bit of background, I work on a dairy farm in wisconsin. During summertime, there are stretches where we are moving a couple thousand hay bales (3k+) a day. From what I understand, at its simplest Surge Workout Fuel helps prevent muscle fatigue, so I guess my question is would it help me not get burned out as quickly during the day stacking hay bales in a barn?

I used to drink gatorade while loading bales, that helped me after I nearly gave myself heat stroke and had to leave for the day. (give me a break, I was a kid, plus breathing the dust flying around the barn didn’t do me any favors). Surge Workout Fuel is much like gatorade times 100 plus amino acid goodness, and it helps my endurance on the rowing machine, which is kind of like bale stacking (a light full body movement 1000’s of times). Go for it, dude, if you think you’re making enough money to buy a tub of the stuff.(or if they pay you per bale)

I’d typically say that Surge Workout Fuel is overkill for work, but having spent time on a farm I think it will help in this case.